The Day Before – Refund for everyone and server shutdown announced

The Day Before - Refunds & Shutdown
(Image Source: Fntastic)

It will probably be one of the last big messages in the chapter of The Day Before, which was recently published by the developers.
It is about the refunds and the imminent shutdown of the game.

January is the end

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the developers returned after the disastrous release at the beginning of December and the subsequent closure of the studio.
Until now, neither developer Fntastic nor publisher Mytona had commented on the very uncertain future of the game, but now it is clear what will happen with The Day Before.

According to the announcement, the operation of all servers of The Day Before will be completely discontinued on January 22, 2024 – and with it all access to the game.
And even though this outcome was probably foreseeable, it remained unclear whether and to what extent all purchases would be refunded.

We can reassure you here, because according to the announcement, Mytona and Steam will now work together proactively to ensure that all purchases are refunded.

For The Day Before itself, on the other hand, there will most likely be no future after the shutdown.
However, it remains to be seen whether this really marks the end of the game’s chapter.

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