The Day Before – Server finally shut down

The Day Before - Server finally shut down
(Image Source: Fntastic)

If truth be told, The Day Before was ready for shutdown just days after its disastrous release, but from a purely technical standpoint, the long-awaited and hard-hitting survival title was still playable on Steam until this past Monday.

Now, however, the servers have been shut down for good.

Individual players online until the end

Surprisingly, there were some steadfast players who continued to play the game until it was shut down. According to the website SteamDB, there was one player who stayed in the game until the very end.
On January 2, 2024, there were even two players who briefly played The Day Before.

The motivation of these two players will probably remain their secret.

Community wants to preserve the game

Perhaps these are members of a community project that wants to preserve The Day Before.
Under the title “TDB: Reborn“, a small team is currently working on providing a playable single-player offline version of the game.


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Some players are already joking that The Day Before might be playable at some point after all.
Whether this will be the case remains to be seen.
For now, however, The Day Before will probably be remembered as one of the biggest flops in the survival sector and in recent gaming history and a reminder to everyone of how not to do it.

What happened to The Day Before?

For a long time, The Day Before was one of the most requested games on Steam and attracted attention with its bold promises and curious statements from the developers.
Gradually, developer Fntastic became entangled in contradictions, had to deal with a number of scandals – including a dispute over the name of the game – and ultimately with several postponements.

After the game even disappeared completely from Steam as a result of its development, it was released on December 7, 2023 in an absolutely desolate state that no longer had much to do with the promises.
Just four days later, the developers announced the closure of their studio and players were refunded their purchases.

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