The Day Before – The controversial survival MMO is finally set to be released today

The Day Before - A look back before release
(Image Source: Fntastic)

After several postponements, strange PR stunts and full-bodied promises, today is the day – The Day Before is set to go into Early Access.
We take a look back at the journey of one of the most desired but also most controversial survival games of recent years.

Three years full of curiosities and postponements

The development of The Day Before up to the present day can be described as rather bumpy with a clear conscience.
The very first trailer in 2021 caused quite a stir and aroused both huge interest and a lot of skepticism in the gaming community when a rather unknown studio announced that it wanted to develop THE survival thriller.

Over time, developer Fntastic and publisher Mytona were confronted with a lot of criticism. For example, only short, staged scenes from the game were ever shown, which appeared to have been polished to a high gloss.
To this day, however, there has been no uncut gameplay to be seen.

In addition to the accusation of copying a lot from successful titles such as The Last of Us and also copying many shots from well-known trailers almost one-to-one, the developers also fell victim to a legal dispute, as they had forgotten to protect their own trademark during the development process.

As one of the most requested games, The Day Before then disappeared from Steam and a long period of strange statements, promotions for weird contents, other games and apps, opaque working conditions and postponements followed.
After some time, a new game video was actually shown, but it showed graphical deterioration and was also much criticized.

To date, the release date has been postponed four times, sometimes just days before the game was supposed to be released.

At the beginning of November, however, The Day Before really did return to Steam after winning the legal dispute, including a new “final trailer”, and has now announced the final release date, albeit as an Early Access title.
And on December 7, 2023, the time has finally come.

The release day is here

Even though the final trailer for the game looked much better and more honest than anything we’ve seen of The Day Before so far, the whole thing naturally leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

The developers are confident and seem convinced of their product. Some content creators have apparently already received a Steam key in advance and have probably even been able to record some gameplay, which will most likely be published on release.

Now Fntastic and Mytona have to prove that their claim to offer the “best survival experience of the year” is true.

The release should finally take place tonight at 7pm CET. Then you can buy the Early Access version of The Day Before on Steam, which according to the latest information will cost €39.

Will you be getting your own impression of The Day Before tonight – or would you rather watch others test it out?
Let us know in the comments or on social media!

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