The Day Before – 10 minute gameplay trailer & new screenshots

The Day Before - Gameplay & Screenshots
(Image credit: FNTASTIC)

After many curious incidents, the time had finally come – after a short announcement, we finally got to see new gameplay impressions of The Day Before.

After even the video was postponed several times for a short time, it was finally time at around 8:15 pm German time.
We got to see part of the crafting system, fighting and the exploration of a city.

This is what the gameplay video shows

In the gameplay video we follow a player through the game. After a brief look at a suburban scene and a change of daytime, we get to see the weapon modding system again, which was already briefly touched on in one of the earlier videos.

This is followed by the path through a lockdown zone into the city itself, now at night. In the city, a kind of alarm system is apparently switched off by trying out the most frequently used keys – exactly what for remains unclear.

This is followed by a loot tour through the empty, desolate streets of the city, during which some cars are looted and the two players dodge a small group of zombies.

Finally, we get to see some interactions with the inventory, a view of the city at night and the short fights with some infected before the video ends.


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Video laden

Many viewers would have liked to see PvP scenes or a bit more action – and at some points the scenes still seemed scripted, but the video is the first reasonable impression of the game in a long time.
However, the promised “hype” is probably missing – the video simply doesn’t show enough for that.

Even after the release, many questions remain unanswered and it is still questionable whether The Day Before can live up to the great promises and expectations.

Short video to prove the game exists

Shortly after the gameplay video, another short video was published that apparently shows a Fntastic employee playing The Day Before.
The developers probably want to counter the accusation that the game is not real and that the scenes shown are pure render sequences.

Everyone must decide for themselves how real the scenes really are.


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Video laden

However, those who think that the section of the game looks suspiciously familiar are not mistaken – the developer is “playing” here on the same section of road on which the gameplay was also recorded – only at a different time of day.

Not an impression that speaks for a game that should have been ready for release on 1 March 2023 – is it?

New screenshots

In addition to the two videos, there are also a few new screenshots that show scenes that are not shown in the gameplay videos. Of course, we don’t want to withhold these from you:

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