The Day Before – Gameplay announced once again

The Day Before - Gameplay announced once again
(Image credit: FNTASTIC)

The developers of The Day Before had actually planned to release uncut “raw gameplay” for their game in January. However, this was postponed at the last minute due to a copyright dispute.

Now, however, a few days later, the release could be awaiting us, if the official The Day Before discord is to be trusted.

A gameplay reveal after all?

A leader of the moderation team by the name of Levitate surprisingly announced a gameplay reveal there – for today, February 2.
There is to be a whopping 10 minutes of gameplay to see for The Day Before.

The announcement states:

Brace yourselves, fellow Survivors! This week has been a wild ride with a flurry of new members joining our server and making their mark with their unique perspectives. To each and every one of you, we say thank you for being an integral part of this incredible community.

But hold onto your hats, because the excitement doesn’t stop there! Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of pure hype, as we unveil a 10-minute gameplay extravaganza, on our YouTube channel. Tune in tomorrow, for an experience like no other. Trust us, this is one reveal you won’t want to miss! Stay tuned for more updates and information.

The Day Before - Gameplay Announcement Discord
(Image credit: The Day Before Discord)

This announcement marks the latest news in a development and marketing story for a game that has arguably rarely been seen before.
Originally announced in January 2021, there were several heavily scripted “gameplay” sequences – if you can even call them that.

They hardly showed any real content of the game and seemed very polished. After several postponements, the release was then set for 1 March 2023, but shortly before that came both some strange trailers, a sudden copyright dispute and the statement that they would have wanted to postpone the game even further either way.

Questions instead of answers

The latest announcement, however, raises more questions than it answers. There is no information about when and where the gameplay will be released, no premiere can be seen on the developers’ YouTube channel and the Discord moderator, who just announced the release with great enthusiasm, prefers to leave the content of the announcement “to the imagination of each individual” and does not want to reveal any information about a date.

By the way: On the Twitter channels of the game and the developers, there is still no sound on the subject of the gameplay reveal….

The Day Before - Gameplay Announcement Picture
(Image credit: FNTASTIC)

Last but not least, the image published with the announcement raises the question of why they didn’t even bother to make a proper banner for this rather weighty occasion, but instead put a simple overlay on a screenshot that had already been published for some time.

Either way, we will have to wait for today to see what, when and if we will finally get to see something from The Day Before.

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