Rust – Bags to Riches update brings backpacks and metal detectors

Rust - Bags to Riches - February-Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)

The February update for Rust is here and, in addition to the monthly wipe, finally brings the long-awaited backpacks as well as metal detectors and some new QOL improvements to the game.


The Rust community has had them on their wish list for a long time, now the backpacks are finally in the game.

While you can craft the small backpack with 12 slots with 50 fabric and 5 sewing kits on a T1 workbench, the larger military backpack with 28 slots can only be found in Military Loot.

Backpacks are equipped in their own slot and can be dropped with their contents or looted from your body. Picking them up again takes up to 3 seconds and, depending on which items they contain, it takes longer for them to respawn (up to 2 hours).

Player Body backpacks

When you get right down to it, backpacks have been in the game for a long time, namely in the form of a player’s remains as soon as their body was despawned.

This model was also revised in the February update and now has two states – closed and open – so that you can see whether someone has interacted with it even without interaction.

Rust - Player Remains Backpack
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Metal detectors

Also new in the game is the metal detector, which you can use to find metal objects hidden in the ground.

As soon as you have found the device either in monument crates or made it at a T1 workbench, the typical accelerating click will tell you when you have found an item.

Rust - Metal Detector
(Image Source: Facepunch)

With the right mouse button you can then hold the detector closer to the ground until the yellow lights light up, then a small flag is automatically placed.

You can then use any melee item or tool to dig up the items.

There is different loot depending on the area, for example there is different loot on the beach than in a meadow inland or in the mountains.

Rust - Metal Detector
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Adjusted post-processing effects

Previously, different status effects also had a major impact on the player’s view, which was often criticized by the community.

That’s why the developers have toned down the effect you see with wounds, cold, heat and radioactivity.

(Images: New effect <> old effect)

Rust - Postprocessin-Effects
New (left) vs Old (right) effect. (Image Source: Facepunch)
Rust - Postprocessin-Effects
New (left) vs Old (right) effect. (Image Source: Facepunch)

Further overview of changes

  • Weapon changes: The SAP/SAR animations have been slightly modified so that they should now feel much better to handle, especially when reloading and re-aiming.
  • Legacy Shelter limit: Each player can now only set up one Legacy Shelter at a time.
  • Safezone warning: You will now receive a warning message informing you of your death if you log out of a safezone for more than 20 minutes.
  • Death marker on compass: The compass now shows the location of your last death with a marker.
  • Adjusted repair costs: Some deployable items such as the automatic turret were far too expensive to repair, which has now been adjusted.
  • Rotate doors: Doors, trapdoors and embrasures can now be rotated with the R key during placement.
  • Plant ripe status: The ripe status of all plants has been increased from 4 hours to 14 hours.
  • Memory optimizations: With some optimizations, the developers were able to save up to 3 GB of memory usage for shader assets and hundreds of MB for textures and meshes, which reduces the load on your RAM.

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