Hunt: Showdown celebrates its 6th birthday with new Twitch Drops

Hunt: Showdown - 6th Anniversary Twitch Drops
(Image Source: Crytek)

This week, Crytek’s PvPvE shooter Hunt: Showdown is celebrating its sixth birthday – and is launching a new Twitch Drops campaign to mark the occasion.

Here you can get exclusive new skins, a legendary hunter and free in-game items for watching on the livestreaming platform.

We have compiled all the information about the campaign for you!

When are the Twitch Drops active?

The promotion starts on February 23, 2024 and runs until March 01, 2024.

  • Start: Friday, 23.02.2024
  • End: Friday, 01.03.2024

You can get these Twitch Drops

There are a total of three types of Twitch Drops for Hunt: Showdown that you can get during the promotion:

  • Legendary skins that you can only get from Hunt partners
  • Legendary skins that you can get from any participating channel
  • Anniversary Supply crates

Night of the Hunter partner

  • February 23-24:
    • Swallow’s Tail weapon skin (watch for 240 minutes)
    • 1x Anniversary Supply Crate (watch for 60 minutes)
    • 1x Anniversary Supply Crate (watch for 120 minutes)
    • 1x Anniversary supply crate (watch for 180 minutes)

From every streamer who plays Hunt: Showdown

  • February 25 through March 1:
    • “Molted Curio” weapon charm (watch for 120 minutes)
    • Random Legendary Hunter (watch for 240 minutes)
    • 1x Anniversary Supply Crate (watch for 60 minutes)
    • 1x Anniversary Supply Crate (watch for 180 minutes)
Hunt: Showdown - Twitch Drops 6th Anniversary
(Image Source: Crytek)

What’s in the Anniversary Supply Crates?

You will receive the crates if you watch a participating streamer during the Hunt: Showdown for a certain amount of time.

However, you will not receive the crate itself, but a selection of items that will be credited to you after your next login to the game:

  • 1 Random Pistol
  • 1 Random Shotgun
  • 1 Random Rifle
  • 1 Random Special Weapon
  • 3 Tools or Consumables
  • Random amount of Hunt Dollars

How to get the Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops in February 2024

To get the Twitch Drops, you only need to complete a few steps before you can watch and collect minutes:

All you have to do is connect your Twitch account to your Hunt: Showdown account on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox.

  • Visit the page to connect the accounts: Hunt: Showdown Twitch Drops
  • Click on the “LINK ACCOUNT” button.
  • Select your platform – Steam, PlayStation or Xbox
  • You will then need to authorize the Twitch connection to your account again.
  • You will then see your connected account.

Then all you have to do is wait for the promotion to start, log in to Twitch and watch one of the participating streamers to receive Twitch Drops!
You will then find the items in your Twitch inventory, where you have to redeem them.

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