Dying Light 2 – Community Update #3 with weapon repair, repeatable anomalies & new enemy variants

Dying Light 2 - Community Update #3 (Update 1.13)
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With the new update 1.13, developer Techland is once again responding to feedback from the community.
The update, also known as Community Update #3, brings a new repair system, a new weapon level, new enemy variants and repeatable GRE anomalies to Dying Light 2.

The most important contents of the update

Weapon repair system

With Update 1.13, you can finally repair your weapons as often as you like in Dying Light 2, even without the Korek Charm. Simply exchange a resource and money from the old world at the merchant and your weapons are ready for a tour through Villedor again.

Reworked the Korek Charm

Since you no longer need the Korek Charm to repair weapons, its effect has been adjusted. If you have it equipped and your weapon has 15% or less durability, the damage dealt will be increased by 15%.
Playing with fire, so to speak, because once the weapon is broken, it’s gone.

Enemies drop weapons

Another new feature is the chance for enemies to drop the weapon they are wielding when they die. Depending on the enemy type and difficulty level, you can obtain very valuable weapons.

Disassemble mods

In addition to repairing weapons, you can now also remove mods from weapons by dismantling them. This will give you some resources back and the slot will be free and usable again.

New weapon rarity level

The weapon rarity level “Exotic” brings the strongest weapons available in the game into play. These weapons have increased damage and durability values, but also come with some other very powerful effects.
For example, this could be more damage with a headshot, more damage with a power attack or a chance of double damage.

You can get the new weapons in Pilgrim Lootboxes, in crates you receive from daily and weekly bounties, by increasing your Legend level or in the now repeatable GRE anomalies. Since the effects are so strong, the chance of obtaining such a weapon is not very high.

Repeatable GRE anomalies

If you have defeated a GRE anomaly and the Revenant, you can now return to it later and complete it again. This time, however, you can expect the GRE Aberration, which is a much stronger version of the Revenant.

New enemy variants

The city of Villedor has changed and spawned some new dangers and enemy variants:

  • Howler: This enemy now appears during the day and sics Virals on you, as well as casting a debuff on you if you get too close.
  • Viral variants: The Virals now come in different variants. Some have stronger armor, others attack with electric shock attacks.
  • Electric biters: These biters attack you with electric shocks
  • Other enemy variants that you will find in the game.

Human virals

In the first part of Dying Light, some of the infected sometimes uttered a few words during a confrontation, which is how the developers showed their transformation into mindless zombies.

This feature now returns in Dying Light 2, so some enemies will speak to you when their human side flashes out briefly, for example just before you take them out and they get scared.

Even though the Gut Feeling-Update has already significantly increased the level of gore in the game, a little more certainly can’t hurt, can it?
That’s probably what the developers thought when they added a whole range of new and sometimes quite brutal and gore-heavy finishers with the new patch.

You can perform these finishers when an opponent is stunned.

New features for PC & Xbox Series S

PC players of Dying Light 2: Stay Human will receive a text chat with update 1.13 and players on the Xbox Series S can now look forward to a FOV slider with which they can adjust the field of view.

In addition to this excerpt of the most important changes in Community Update #3 or Update 1.13, there are also some other changes that you can find in the official patch notes.

Dying Light #2 – Community Update #3 Update Trailer

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