Dead Island 2 – First expansion “Haus” will be released in November

Dead Island 2 - First Story Expansion
(Image Source: Dambuster Studio)

Since Dead Island 2 was already a huge success for Dambuster Studio and Deep Silver at launch, content updates were only a matter of time.

In November, the first expansion for the zombie title will be released, titled “Haus” and adding a billionaire’s secret techno death cult to the already pretty freaky scenario.

What Dead Island 2: Haus is about

In the first expansion for Dead Island 2, the game takes you to a new location, a mysterious mansion in Malibu. This is run by a cult around the billionaire Constantine, who is working on the vision for the new future of mankind.
Inside the compound, “the limits of morality are to be pushed to the limit.”
Well if that doesn’t sound promising!?

Apparently, in the expansion, you’ll fight your way through a whole maze of rooms and biomes with a selection of new weapons – a crossbow and the “Hog Roaster” – as well as a stack of new skill cards, where some new kinds of enemies, new bosses and, of course, masses of zombies are waiting to get at your throat again.

In the end, it will probably come down to the question of whether the humans or the undead will end up being the bigger monsters of this future.
This is a chance for the developers to improve the partly flat story of the main game a bit!

In a kind of “background story” to the upcoming story expansion Dambuster writes:

My advice is simple. If you receive an invitation to Haus – however curious you are, whatever promises are made – do NOT go.

A warning that we will probably skillfully ignore when Dead Island 2: Haus is released on November 2, 2023 for the PC version in the Epic Games Store.
The console versions will probably follow shortly after.

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