The first trailer for the Fallout series is here and it looks damn good

Fallout Series - Prime Video Trailer
(Image Source: Prime Video)

The first trailer for the Fallout series has finally been released, giving us some first impressions of the upcoming series being produced for Prime Video.

Here’s what we get to see – and some additional information and images that have been released in advance.

First info and images

A few images and initial information on the main characters have already been released in advance, allowing us to categorize the trailer a little better.

  • Lucy – A young woman who was born and raised in the Vault and leaves after an incident.
  • Hank – Lucy’s father and overseer of the Vault.
  • Maximus – A young soldier of the Brotherhood of Steel who believes in other ideals and good causes.
  • The Ghoul – A ghoulified survivor who earns his living as a bounty hunter in the wasteland

In addition to the main characters, the first images also show a huge Brotherhood zeppelin and paint a rather colorful picture of the post-apocalypse, very different from what we know from films such as “The Road”.

What the trailer shows

The trailer itself shows us the three main characters on their journey through the wasteland, though we never see any of them together.
Vault resident Lucy appears to be leaving the Vault after an incident where some of the residents seem to go berserk. Maximus seems to be out on missions with the Brotherhood and the Ghoul is plying his trade as a bounty hunter.

This indicates that all three characters will probably be treated in three separate storylines for the time being and will only find each other after a while.

Also seen in the trailer are various creatures and figures of the wasteland, which we as fans of the games naturally recognize immediately: The disgustingly large Radroaches, the mutated Yao Guai bears, the geckos and even a Mr Handy robot floating through the picture.
Many were also pleased to see a sheepdog in the trailer, a hint that Dogmeat could also be involved.

At the very end of the trailer, there is also a hint that we will also see the fall of the bombs and his transformation in the ghoul’s backstory.

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More Information


The feedback from the community on the first trailer has been overwhelmingly positive.

If Prime Video, together with Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy and Todd Howard, can now manage the balancing act between the dark background of the Fallout world, a beautiful setting, believable characters and some comedy accents to lighten things up, then we can expect a great work when it is released on April 12, 2024.

We remain excited!

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