Rust – May update brings nuclear missile silo & wipe events

Rust - May 2023 Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)

The May update for Rust is here and bears the cryptic name R.U.S.T. We show you what to expect this month in Facepunch’s survival title.

Nuclear Missile Silo Monument

With the Nuclear Missile Silo, a completely new monument comes into play. From the outside, the monument looks like a small military base with a radio tower, but in the center you’ll find a large hatch through which you’ll enter a large underground network of tunnels.

Once you enter the monument you won’t get out easily, so come prepared. Inside, a new breed of explorers awaits you, who react very aggressively to all intruders.
You will also find a nuclear missile with a laptop connected to it with a timer.

To escape from the tunnel system again, you’ll have to take elevators down deeper and then find a security room. Here you have to press a button and then you can escape for a short time.
You’ll also find access points to cameras to keep an eye out for potential campers.


Rust’s servers are reset at regular intervals. The timer on the mysterious laptop next to the rocket will represent just that – the time until the wipe happens.
In the time just before the event, NPC activity on the island will increase.

Vehicle patrols on the streets, fighter jets circling in the sky. In the future there will also be infantry patrols, bombing runs and more.

In reference to this, the term Repopulation Unit Survival Test – R.U.S.T. for short – always comes up.
However, no one knows yet what exactly this is all about.

Rust - Wipe Events
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Flashbang AI-Update

Flashbang grenades can now be used against explorers, blinding them for a short time. While blinded, the NPC’s lose their targets and walk around confused.

The new variant in the missile silo is particularly vulnerable to the Flashbang grenades.

New World Models

After the shotgun ammunition, the ammunition for the pistol and rifles have now also received new world models. In addition, it is also evident from the models whether it is fire, explosive or normal ammunition.

Rust - New World Models
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Changes for Rust+

The camera views of the Rust+ app have been improved. Players should now be more recognizable and the time of day should also be better represented.
In addition, players now need to be closer to the cameras to be displayed and also the name is only displayed at close range.

There was also a glut of bots exploiting Rust+. To counteract this, some changes have been made:

  • Disallowed Rust+ from viewing all static CCTV cameras (eg. oil rigs)
  • Crate and explosion map markers are no longer sent to Rust+
  • Cameras are only usable from Rust+ when you aren’t connected to the server
  • Entity/player data is now randomized by the server to make it harder for bots to understand
  • Player names are only sent to Rust+ when close enough to the cameras

Other adjustments – short & compact

  • Thompson SMG – accuracy of the weapon improved, also the recoil is a little easier to control.
  • MP5 SMG – accuracy of the weapon improved.
  • Recycler – The recycler now displays an animation during operation.
  • Facepunch Hardcore – Some hardcore servers have been shut down for the time being due to lack of population.
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