Rust – Developers celebrate 10 years of Rust with December update

Rust - December 2023 Update
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The December update for Rust not only means new content but also the tenth birthday of the survival title. To mark the occasion, the developers have released a whole range of skins and items reminiscent of the game’s “Legacy” days.

Legacy items and skins

To mark the tenth anniversary of Rust, the developers have added a variety of matching items to the game, which either correspond to the festive occasion or are even modeled on some of the old skins and items from the “Legacy” version.

Craftable Pinata

You can now craft a pinata in-game for 500 wood, which you can then place and destroy.

This can contain various items, from different food items to resources and tools.

Rust - Craftable Pinata
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Legacy wooden shelter

In Legacy Rust there was a small wooden hut that you could build at the beginning and that served as your first small base.
This is now available again in the game and can be built.

It comes with a door, a lock and a small building privilege radius.

If the owner does not visit it at least once a day and open the door, it will decay relatively quickly.
It can be repaired with a hammer.

M4 shotgun

The M4 shotgun was also included in Rust Legacy in 2013. It is now back in the game and although you can’t craft it, you can find it in high-level loot containers.
The special thing about this weapon is that it can still be used relatively well at medium range.

Rust - M4 Legacy Shotgun
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Legacy Furnace

Also now available again in the game is the “Legacy Furnace” skin for the furnace, which is based on the model from 2013.
To get it, simply play Rust for at least three hours during December and the skin will automatically be added to your Steam inventory.

Rust - Legacy Furnace Skin
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Legacy skins for sale

To mark the tenth anniversary of Rust, there are also some skins that are currently available to buy:

  • Legacy Bow – Only available in December, is modeled after the first bow from the Legacy version.
  • Legacy Wooden Building Skin – Once you have purchased this skin, you can use the hammer to change the appearance of wooden building parts.

Improved painting interface

The interface with which items can be painted and labeled has undergone a thorough overhaul. It now looks better and has some new features and improvements:

Rust - Pain Interface Improvements
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New Features

  • Eraser tool for all types of signs
  • Colour picker tool
  • Made the brush size and opacity options sliders (instead of buttons)
  • Added a brush spacing option as a slider
  • Added a more natural looking paint brush
  • Added two air brush types
  • Button to reset the camera to face the object straight on
  • Button to switch the preview lighting on or off (removes glare at some angles)
  • Allow chatting while in the painting UI, with a button to hide it
  • Bound Ctrl+S to the save button
  • Added a button to download the image currently being edited to your desktop
  • Added bindable convars for controlling the tool and brush options while painting


  • Fixed ugly UI, made it easier for us to maintain the three different types of paint UIs
  • Added canvas scaler so UI isn’t tiny at large resolutions
  • Fixed gap visible between preview and right UI at some resolutions
  • Clicks on top of UI will now never paint on the sign
  • Added tooltips to all buttons so it is clear what they do
  • Optimized 2D painting implementation so long, quick strokes don’t kill framerate

Return of Hapis Island

After Hapis Island was retired, there were apparently a number of persistent requests for the developers to bring the map back.
Therefore, to celebrate Rust’s 10th birthday, the map has now returned and is available again.

The current plan is to offer the map again until at least March 2024, but it is currently unclear what will happen after that.

Rust - Return of Hapis Island
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Adjustments to the oil rig

The oil rig was adjusted about a year ago in terms of respawn and some other parameters. Since then, however, there have been a few things that didn’t quite run smoothly, which is why the monument has now been adjusted again.

The radiation now appears 30 minutes after the loot box has been hacked and is only weak but persistent, so that players leave the monument.

In addition, a single item in the crate no longer causes it to be displayed on the map.

Special lighting on the island and an alarm now also communicate that the radiation is active again.

Rust - Oilrig Changes
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Further minor updates & improvements

  • Ragdoll improvements: Player character ragdolls have been improved.
  • Shadow improvements: The contact shadow option has been revised and improved
  • Colors for industrial pipes: There are new color variations for the pipes.
  • Water sprinklers: Sprinklers should no longer waste 40% water
  • Tugboat FPS: The boats sometimes caused FPS drops
  • Pick up lift: The car lift can now be picked up with a hammer.
  • Hot air balloon: Fix for players falling through the balloon
  • Helicopter Loot Crate: Update for the model of the crate
  • Explosive ammunition: Explosive ammunition should now correctly deal area damage again
  • Square sun: The sun sometimes appeared square – no more!
  • Settings search: You can now search for specific settings in the settings menu using a search function.
  • Drone ID: The ID of a drone is now displayed in the player inventory.
  • Ore mining: Mining tools now have a slightly longer range, so you no longer have to kneel down to mine.
  • Resurrection with bandage: Players can now be resurrected with a bandage and then receive a small amount of health points

Shutdowns at the end of the year

At the end of the year, two experiments by the developers will also be discontinued:

  • Hardcore (game mode)
    • Originally released as “Veteran Mode” in 2022, safezones and other amenities will be discontinued.
    • Player numbers are steadily declining, which is why the servers are being shut down.
    • The game mode can still be activated on community servers
  • Barren (Map)
    • The Barren map was less detailed than others and was created as a way for players with very weak systems to make Rust accessible to them.
    • Player numbers no longer justify dedicated servers
    • The developers think the map is not a good representation of Rust
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