Hunt: Showdown – All info on the Devil’s Moon Event

Hunt: Showdown - Devil's Moon Event
(Image source: Crytek)

The third event in the “Lunae Diaboli” series in Hunt: Showdown is currently running, and with it the finale around the moon theme and the character Mr Chary.

This time, some interesting new features await the players. A pact system, event abilities, a new Battle Pass and the Bayou in flames!

We have summarised all the information on the new Devil’s Moon event in Hunt: Showdown.

Event runtime

Like the last event, Devil’s Moon will have a fairly long runtime, extending well into next year.

  • Start: 14.12.2022
  • End: 15.02.2023

Ways to collect points

You can earn event points for the event by doing the following activities:

  • Destroy Soul Trap – 3 Event points
  • Interact with Soul Trap – 6 Event points
  • Interact with event clues and rifts – 10 Event points
  • Loot enemy hunter – 12 Event Points
  • Banish Boss – 12 Event Points
  • Extract with at least one bounty – 30 Event Points
  • Be the last survivor (quickplay) – 30 Event Points
  • Complete a challenge milestone – 400-900 Event Points

Soul Traps

Soul traps are a new feature in Devil’s Moon. Interacting with the creepy statue will give you event points, but shooting or otherwise destroying the statue will only give you half the points.
If you shoot the trap it will explode and in the immediate vicinity you will receive about the same damage as a red barrel would.

However, the traps have another special feature: they react to enemy players like a hint and start to billow red and make a noise.

Hunt: Showdown - Devils Moon Soul Traps
(Image source: Crytek)

How to get more event points

During the Devil’s Moon event, it is also possible to increase the number of event points you receive – through skills, through so-called booster items and with certain hunters.
Note: These bonuses only apply to event points actively received in the game, not to milestones.

  • Global Events: There will be specific times during the event when all players will receive more event points, these will be triggered by Crytek.
  • Event Skill: “Signee” – (Cost: 6 upgrade points)
  • Event Hunter: + 10% Event Points
    • Lady Perchta – DLC
    • Ochenkov’s Widow – Event
    • Advocatus Diaboli (Devil’s Advocate) – Legacy Event
    • The Skinflint – Legacy Event
    • The Witch Hunter – DLC
    • Redneck – Blood Bonds
    • The Archeologist – DLC
  • Contracts
    • Implicate Contract – 50% more event points for 2 hours
    • Fixed contract – 50% more event points for 24 hours
    • Express Contract – 50% more event points for 3 days


What pacts are there?

There are three pacts you can join as part of the event (one pact per hunter, not account-specific!):

  • The Infernal Pact
    • The “Pro-Mr Chary” faction that supports Mr Chary and worships Chaos and Fire.
  • The Lunar Pact
    • The “Anti-Mr Chary” faction that focuses more on restoring and healing the bayou.
  • The Grounded Pact
    • The “Wildcard” Pact, a group of hunters who have not chosen a side.

Note: Some legendary hunters are already bound to a pact for lore reasons, so here you cannot choose it yourself. You can recognise this by a small symbol next to the hunter when recruiting.

Pact tokens

At the supply points you will find objects where you can prescribe your current hunter to one of the pacts.

These tokens are bound to the respective hunter and are subject to the following rules:

  • Each hunter can carry a maximum of 4 tokens
  • A maximum of 3 tokens can be obtained in each round.
  • The tokens unlock the respective pact.
  • Each pact unlocks two special abilities depending on the number of tokens, one when you prescribe and one as soon as you visit a box again with 4 tokens.

You will find these listed below.

How to get the Pact tokens

As noted above, you can get up to three tokens in one round:

  • Collect 35 event points – 1 pact token
  • Banish a boss – 1 Pact token
  • Loot your first enemy hunter per round– 1 Pact token

Skills – Infernal Pact

  • Fire Eater: When a life bar burns, a token is automatically exchanged to restore the bar that was burned.
  • Flame Touch: When wearing 4 tokens, you cannot burn whether you are off or not. However, the life bars slowly burn out and as soon as a life bar burns out, the token is used up and you are no longer immune.

Skills – Lunar Pact

  • Relentless: When a hunter is taken out, he loses all his tokens but does not lose any life bar.
  • Unrelenting: If the hunter has 4 tokens on him, he keeps regenerating his life points until they are full.

Skills – Grounded Pact

  • Cheat death: If you lose a hunter completely, all tokens can be traded in to keep the hunter in your possession (equipment is lost).
  • Shadow: If the hunter has 4 tokens, monsters (except bosses) can no longer see the hunter, but they can still hear him.

Abilities with additional effects

Certain abilities already in the game will have additional effects tied to certain pacts for the duration of the event:

Infernal Pact

  • Salveskin: Increases the regeneration rate of partially burnt life bars.

Lunar Pact

  • Resilience: The hunter is revived fully healed (minus life bars lost on death)

Grounded Pact

  • Necromancer: If a hunter plays alone, he can revive himself (not usable in a team). This effect can be used several times.


The story concludes the tale of the mysterious Mr Chary, who is wreaking havoc on the bayou with diabolical rituals.
As in the previous events, there will be a story section in the event progress where you can unlock the story of the event bit by bit and read or listen to it.

New weapons

As in the previous event, the weapons are only unlockable through event points for the duration of the event, but you don’t need a Battle Pass to get them.
After the event, they can be unlocked regularly through levels and variants.

Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma

  • Reinforced shaft for close combat
  • Blunt damage similar to a hammer
  • Slightly increased recoil
Hunt: Showdown - Winfield M1876 Centennial Trauma
(Image source: Crytek)

Martini Henry IC1 Ironside

  • Conversion to a weapon that does not need to be reloaded after every shot
  • External magazine added to weapon
  • Smaller field of view due to magazine
  • Can remain in sight between shots
Hunt: Showdown - Martini Irc 1 Ironside
(Image source: Crytek)

Springfield M1892 Krag

  • Repeating rifle
  • Long ammunition
  • Internal magazine with 5 bullets
  • Fast rate of fire and fast reload time
  • Less damage than comparable long ammunition weapons
  • Special ammunition: fire & full metal jacket bullet
Hunt: Showdown - Springfield M1892 Krag
(Image source: Crytek)

LeMat Mark II Carbine

  • Large version of the LeMat
  • Slightly better values than the pistol
  • Shotgun with medium barrel (longer effective range)
  • Slightly longer reloading time
Hunt: Showdown - LeMat Mark 2 Carbine
(Image source: Crytek)

New special ammunition types


  • Steel balls: A bolt filled with steel balls that functions similarly to a shotgun. The shot is not audible, but has no penetrating power through materials.
  • Dragon fire: Flame ammunition for the bomb lance that functions similarly to the same ammunition for the shotguns.
Hunt: Showdown - Bomblance Special Ammo
(Image source: Crytek)

Springfield 1866

  • Poison Ammunition

Springfield 1866

  • Poison Ammunition
  • FMJ-Ammo

The Inferno

The Inferno is the first version of the Map Conditions, which Crytek itself calls “Wildcard Conditions”. These conditions affect all maps played on.
As the name suggests, the Inferno will set parts of the map on fire and block certain paths, forcing players to use alternatives.

According to current information, this effect will be switched on at different times during the event, so you will sometimes play on a normal version of the map and sometimes on one that is on fire.

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More Information

Challenge system

You may have noticed that the “Summons” system, which gave you tasks, has been disabled. With the event, this will be replaced by the challenge system.

Challenges are always available and will be accepted automatically. You will receive stars for completing challenges and bonus event points when you reach a milestone.

The following types of quests are available:

  • Discovery – Collect / interact with certain items.
  • PvE – Find clues, kill monsters, kill bosses
  • PvP – Various tasks related to PvP actions
  • Skill – More difficult tasks that require a bit more skill (ex: headshots at 100 metres)

The challenges are completely reset every week and you will be assigned four new ones. You will of course lose the progress of the previous challenges if you have not completed them.
Once you have completed a task, you will be assigned a new random task from the pool.

You can also re-roll the tasks once a day.

If you reach the 30 stars per week, the milestone is considered completed and you will be credited with event points.

Battle Pass & Free Content

Free Content

Some event content is available via free event progression, you can see the highlights of these rewards in the image below:

Hunt: Showdown - Devils Moon Event - Free Content
(Image source: Crytek)

Battle Pass content

Once again, some content is only available via the Battle Pass, which has to be paid for. You can also get a larger version, which gives you 10 event levels.

Hunt: Showdown - Devils Moon Event - Battle Pass
(Image source: Crytek)

Event Store

During the event, the following items will be available in the Hunt: Showdown Event Store:

  • Battle Pass (standard version)
  • Battle Pass (including +10 event levels)
  • Battle Pass level +1
  • Battle Pass level +10
  • Event-exclusive Bornheim skin
  • Weapon Tag Bundle
  • Legacy Holiday Bundles
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