Escape from Tarkov – Winter sets in with snow on all maps

Escape from Tarkov - Winter & Snow Maps
(Image Source: Escape from Tarkov / Battlestate Games)

Surprisingly, the developers of Escape from Tarkov revealed a new event in yesterday’s TarkovTV livestream that brings snowfall and snow-covered maps to the game shortly after the latest wipe and update.

Seasons in Escape from Tarkov

According to information from the stream, there will be seasons in Escape from Tarkov in the future, which will also have an effect on the gameplay.

The first season will be winter, in which all maps in the outdoor areas are covered in snow and there will be snowfall from time to time.
The snow on the ground will make your footsteps louder and therefore more audible, and when it snows visibility is also limited.

In addition, all the vegetation is a little lighter and it is less easy to hide in bushes and behind small trees.

Chief developer Nikita Buyanov announced that further seasonal changes can be expected over the coming year.
How exactly these might look is still unclear at present.

For example, you could lose more hydration in summer and have to drink more often, or the likelihood of rain could increase in the fall.

Until then, however, you can enjoy winter in the game for now.

Planned changes for “Ground Zero”

Also interesting was an announcement by the developer that they have decided not to block the new location “Ground Zero” for all players above a certain level (exception: Scav players).
Currently, players above level 20 no longer have access to the map and the associated quests are canceled.

In future, however, there will be two player pools for this map. One will contain all players from level 1 to 15 and the other all players above level 15.
This upcoming change has been well received by the community.

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