Dying Light 2 – Good Night, Good Luck-Update & first summer event

Dying Light 2 - Good Night, Good Luck Update & Bloody Nights Event
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The city of Villedor in Dying Light 2: Stay Human has become a lot more dangerous with the new update and the current event.
We show you what you can currently expect in the game!

Good Night, Good Luck Update

The Good Night, Good Luck update is intended to move Dying Light 2 back more in the direction of its predecessor, Dying Light, after this was a frequent point of criticism from the community.

More dangerous nights

The nights in Dying Light 2 are now significantly darker and more dangerous. While you previously only encountered the dangerous Shadow Hunters (Volatiles) on level 3 of a hunt or in special high-level areas, the streets are now full of them after nightfall.

This, of course, makes the nights much more challenging and exciting.

You can also now throw your weapons and pick them up later, which should definitely help with survival.

Revisions to parcour

One point of criticism from players since launch was that Dying Light 2 didn’t feel the same as its predecessor, especially when it came to the parcour.
Developer Techland has made improvements here and improved the maneuverability in the air, for example.
Also, an action has been brought into the game that was previously only known from the trailers – namely, you can now throw yourself into large tarpaulins and posters with a knife and virtually abseil down.

In the settings you can switch on these innovations if you wish.

Community Maps

There is already some community content for Dying Light 2, which can now be downloaded and launched more easily and directly from the game.
No mod downloader, no additional registration – just download and go.

Currently, this feature is only supported on PC for now, but later this year it will be available on Steam Deck and consoles.

New graphics mode: Harran Sunset

For particularly powerful computers, there is now an Ultra mode in the graphics settings of the PC version, which makes the whole game look even more stylish.

There is also a new color grading option called “Harran Sunset”, which makes the city of Villedor look even more like its predecessor.

New event – Bloody nights

Along with the update, a new update has also come into the game, which picks up the new changes of the night.
The Bloody Nights event is the first of a whole series of events, which the developers have named the Summer of Horror.

During the Bloody Nights event, you’ll have to loot valuable items in the night to unlock various rewards.

With the event, scaling Shadowhunter Tyrants come into play, which get stronger and stronger over the course of the event, dropping better and better loot.

Tasks & Rewards

  • Participation Goal: Loot 1 Valuable Item during the night
    • Reward: 3 Common Slayer tickets
  • Warm-up Goal: Loot 40 valuables during the night
    • Reward: 3 Elite Slayer tickets
  • Personal goal: Loot 250 valuables during the night
    • Reward: Hakan’s crossbow & bolt blueprint
  • Global Goal: Loot 25,000,000 valuables during the night
    • Reward: “Prick Outfit

As always, you can participate via the Pilgrim Outpost, an event page from developer Techland.

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