Apex Legends – These are the abilities of Ballistic

Apex Legends - Ballistic Abilities
(Image Source: Respawn Entertainment)

In a few days, the new season in Apex Legends will start – and the character trailer for the new legend Ballistic is also here.
In it, Pathfinder reveals that he worked as a butler for Ballistic in a previous life and introduces his skills.

We show you what skills the Apex Games veteran brings to the game.

Ballistic’s abilities

The character trailer for Ballistic shows all of the new legend’s abilities in action.

Tactical Ability: Whistler

Ballistic fires a projectile that causes its opponents’ weapons to overheat when fired. This overheating causes damage to the affected target.

Passive Ability: Sling

With the passive ability, Ballistic can pick up a third weapon, which he can also access through the inventory.
However, the weapon in the sling does not support attachments, but will be interesting for its ultimate ability.

Ultimate Ability: Tempest

While Ballistics ultimate ability is active, team members near him reload much faster and have an unlimited supply of ammo. They also move faster when unarmed.

He himself receives his Sling weapon in a gold version during this time, which includes attachments.

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