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Minecraft Live 2023 - Summary
The Trial Chamber is a new feature in Update 1.21. (Image Source: Mojang)

Last weekend, the Minecraft Live event took place, where Mojang announced some interesting figures about Minecraft and also gave a preview of what players can expect in the next update.

Minecraft sold over 300 million copies

When the block title was released in 2011 under Markus “Notch” Persson, no one could have imagined what a success Minecraft would become. In 2016, Minecraft had already sold 100,000,000 copies.

The milestone reached now is even more gigantic, because the game has now sold over 300 million copies.

A Minecraft day in numbers

The fact that Minecraft is not only often bought but also played just as much is shown by the figures that Mojang has published for an average day.
The numbers come from the period from September to October 2023 – during this time, the following things happened daily in the world of blocks:

  • Players traveled 915 kilometers on pigs
  • 15 million skeletons were killed
  • 8.8 million picks were made
  • 400,000 wolves were tamed
  • 6.7 million diamonds were discovered
  • 700,000 cakes were baked

Monster vote

The mob vote for the next new addition to the game was also held and found its winner – the armadillo, from whose scales you will be able to make armor for the tamed wolves.

In any case, the petition that was started against the vote does not seem to have had any influence on this year’s voting yet.
However, it continues to collect votes and has now reached over 500,000 signatures.

Main features for update 1.21

The next major update will bear the identifier 1.21 and will most likely be released in mid-2024.
The first content has also already been unveiled as part of Minecraft Live:

  • Trial Chamber
    • This is a labyrinth with many corridors, doors, traps and monsters – and of course loot.
    • It is always procedurally generated and is therefore “new” every time.
    • The level of difficulty also depends on the number of participants.
  • New mob: Breeze
    • The Breeze is a hostile monster that attacks you with the power of the wind and nimbly jumps around you.
  • Decorative blocks: Tuff stone and copper
    • You will be able to decorate your world with blocks made of the new materials.
  • Automated Crafter
    • A device that will be able to craft things automatically with the help of Redstone.

Minecraft Live Replay

If you missed the Minecraft live stream, you can of course catch up on the recording at any time – we’ve embedded it for you below:

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