Minecraft – Community rebels against mob voting

Minecraft - Community wants to end mob vote
(Image Source: Mojang)

Next weekend is the Minecraft Live event, which always includes mob voting as a vote for the new addition to Minecraft.
Not all players liked this approach, but this year the community got together and even created a petition.

Community wants to scrap voting

Every year, millions of Minecraft players participate in the voting for the new “mob”, i.e. the next creature for the game.
However, this is already the point of criticism that is addressed in the petition.

Why are three concepts first developed, two of which are then completely discarded and then never enter the game again?
Some players even accuse the developers of laziness – because modders would create within a few days what is prepared for a long time via the vote and then sometimes only implemented much later in the next update.

Some opposing voices point to the balancing, which would become more difficult.
However, Minecraft already works in many places with modifications of already existing creatures, which hardly have any abilities that are really difficult to play.

In addition, the balancing of monsters and their properties is probably an aspect that is rather in the background, especially in the block hit.

The petition therefore demands that the voting be completely abolished and simply all three creatures be added to the game.
At the time of writing, the petition has already collected almost 380,000 signatures – and the trend is rising.

More variation and more content – actually a good thing, right?

Has Mojang “gotten lazy”?

In the vote itself and in the resulting discussions, many also accuse Mojang’s developers of resting on their game’s fame and becoming downright lazy.

Minecraft has become so popular partly due to its fairly high frequency of updates, which has diminished in recent years despite Microsoft being a strong partner.

In fact, there have often been delays or split updates in recent years, some of which have been a long time coming.

Whether accusing the developers of being lazy is the right way to go, however, is something we would like to question at this point.

Mojang itself has not yet commented on the “player revolt”.

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