Dark and Darker – First mobile version gameplay released

Dark and Darker Mobile - First Gameplay Release
(Image Source: Krafton)

The first gameplay scenes for the mobile version of the hit dungeon crawler Dark and Darker have now been released as part of G-Star 2023.
We show you the gameplay and summarize the information that publisher Krafton revealed at the same time.

First view into the the mobile version

G-Star 2023 is a trade fair in South Korea that took place last weekend. As part of the event, PUBG publisher Krafton also released the first gameplay for the mobile version of Dark and Darker.
A demo version was also playable at the event.

You can see an excerpt from this here:

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More Information

Some information about the mobile version was also announced at the event: Basically, the version relies on the same game principle as the PC version.
The game will also be played in PvPvE mode – against AI monsters and other players. There will also be an ever-shrinking zone – the swarm – which gradually narrows the playing field.
The aim here is also to collect as much loot as possible and leave the map.

In the mobile version, however, there are only five classes (barbarian, fighter, ranger, rogue, cleric) instead of the usual eight on the PC.

Dark and Darker Mobile is being developed by Bluehole Studio, a subsidiary studio of PUBG publisher Krafton that specializes in MMORPGs.

There is currently no release date for the game, but it is expected to be released sometime next year in 2024.

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