Dark and Darker – Mobile version in collaboration with PUBG publisher

Dark and Darker - Mobile Version planned
(Image Source: Ironmace)

The success and also the problems of Dark and Darker are being watched by the gaming world, and publishers and developers are also keeping an eye on it.

The deal with the publisher Chafgames for the Early Access-Start was a surprise, and now comes the next one – because a mobile version of Dark and Darker is to follow – with a bigger, well-known partner for Ironmace Games.

Krafton makes deal with Ironmace

The partner for a mobile implementation of Dark and Darker is none other than Krafton, the publisher of the battle royale hit PUBG and co-responsible for PUBG Mobile.
The publisher has had an eye on Dark and Darker for quite some time and considers it to be a perfect addition to their own portfolio.
Thanks to the experience with PUBG Mobile, Krafton should be a suitable partner.

When asked about the current legal disputes with Nexon, Krafton kept a low profile and only said that it was only an observer in this case.

It is unclear why the deal between Ironmace and Krafton came about now, but the dismissal of the lawsuit in the US could have been a trigger.
So it could be that we’re more likely to see a mobile version of Dark and Darker than see the game back on the Steam Store.

There is no release date for the mobile version at the moment.

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