Dark and Darker – Everything you need to know about the Early Access launch

Dark and Darker - All information about the launch
(Image Source: Ironmace)

After fans have been hoping and waiting for a long time, Dark and Darker was surprisingly finally released today and is playable again.
We have summarized all information about the surprise launch for you!

The answers to the most important questions

Where did the information come from?

The developers of the Ironmace Games studio recently contacted some content creators and confirmed that the game will be released this Monday evening.
This is an official Early Access release where you can buy and play the game.

Will Dark and Darker be released on Steam?

At the current time, you won’t be able to play Dark and Darker on Steam, but there will be a separate launcher and client – similar to Escape from Tarkov.
The reason for this is the still unresolved legal difficulties, which will probably make a release on Steam more difficult.

How to play Dark and Darker

But now to the most important point, which probably led most of you here: How can you play Dark and Darker?

You can currently buy Dark and Darker on two websites:

According to Ironmace Games, both versions are compatible and access the same servers.

(At the time of writing, both sites are repeatedly overloaded and unavailable.)

How much does Dark and Darker cost?

You can choose between two different versions when purchasing:

You can choose between two different versions when purchasing:

  • Standard Edition – $35 dollars
  • Founders Edition: Hold the Line – $50 dollars

The Standard Edition includes access to Dark and Darker Early Access, access to the full release, and five Bluestone Shards to unlock skins and new classes.

In addition to the Standard Edition content, the Founders Edition also gives you early access to upcoming content (dungeons), a skeleton skin as a selectable race, a blue skin for your torch, and a “Hold the Line” emote.

What content is available for the Dark and Darker launch?

According to the current information, all content that has been shown and teased in various videos in recent weeks will be available in the game.

Among them are the new classes Bard and Warlock (in addition to the already known classes Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger, Wizard and Cleric) as well as new AI monsters and bosses.

In addition, the game has been reworked and optimized in terms of graphics, sound and network technology.

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