Rust – Solid Foundations Update brings many small improvements

Rust - Solid Foundations Update - October 2023
(Image Source: Facepunch)

The October update for Rust is titled “Solid Foundations” and brings along improvements and balancing aspects for base building and weapons, as well as many other small improvements and fixes that affect rendering and the server browser, among other things.

Tower Interference

A constant point of contention in the Rust community is the overuse of towers, especially in and around bases.
To ensure a little more fairness here, Facepunch has now included a so-called “tower interference” value.

Simply put, this value regulates how many towers can function in an area at the same time.
If this limit is exceeded, a blue electric glow will emanate from the towers – and they will not be functional, even if they are connected to the power.

The limit does not apply to the number of towers that can be placed, but to the number of towers that are active at the same time.
The radius for this area is set to 40 meters by default, and the limit for active towers is 12.

However, you can use clever constructions to determine where players are and then turn off the towers there.
For example, you can turn on the towers outside the base with motion sensors and as soon as you detect players inside the base, the towers will be activated here.

It is also still possible to manually control deactivated towers at a distance via computer station.

Balancing submachine guns

Even though submachine guns are not primarily intended for longer distances, the developers have recently received an increasing number of reports and videos that there is a need for adjustments here.

The so-called “Aimcone” of the submachine gun has been slightly modified, so that more bullets should hit the center of the targeted zone when firing longer bursts with the weapons.
The MP5 has also been strengthened a bit – it now does a bit more damage and has less bullet drop at range. The gun’s burst mode has also been tweaked a bit, it’s now a bit more accurate and has a bit less recoil.

Homing missile launcher now with digital sight

In the last update, the missile launcher with homing function was introduced, but the sight attached to the weapon was not functional until now.
With the October update this changes, the digital sight is now usable.

Rust - Homing Missile Launcher Sight - Solid Foundations Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Globally rendered bases

The “Global Rendering” feature ensures that bases in the game are displayed at ranges of up to 1500 meters. After its introduction last month, however, the feature immediately caused problems, so it was disabled again.

Now Facepunch is trying again and you can select the option in the graphics settings.

Cache for server browser

Until now it could take one or two minutes until the server list of the server browser was loaded, even if you only wanted to look at your favorites.

To speed up this process, there is now a cache function that you can enable.
However, it is currently still considered experimental and is therefore disabled by default.

Minor fixes & improvements

  • Tool cabinet layout: all content and tools are now visible on one page and there is an additional tool slot
  • Vehicle Exit Options: The time it takes to get out of a vehicle has been adjusted based on type (air, water, land, horse).
  • Hide vending machines: There is now an option to hide vending machines on the map and show them again.
  • Bad weather: Increased chance of rain, storm and fog
  • Water collectors: Water collectors now fill up much faster when it rains and even faster during a storm.
  • Small battery: The small battery now gives more power and has a higher capacity
  • Underwater Visibility: Underwater visibility is now slightly brighter/better.
  • Tug boat player respawn: If the towboat is too close to a water monument, it can now no longer be used as a spawn point.
  • Workbench Radius: The radius of the workbench has been increased slightly so that you can craft things from a little further away.

Brutalist Building Skin (Rust Store)<7h2>
In keeping with the name of the update, the “Brutalist” building skin is now available in the Rust Store.
This allows players to customize the appearance of stone building elements.

Rust - Brutalist Building-Skin - Solid Foundations Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)

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