Rust – August update adds wounded status information and introduces emojis

Rust - August Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)

The August update for Rust is here and expands the wounded status, introduces emojis and improves the burst mode of the weapons.
This time the update is short and compact, but no less interesting for that.

More info in Wounded status

When you enter Wounded status, you always have a chance to get back up on your own afterwards. However, you could only ever estimate the chance.
The August update finally remedies this and shows two new values while you are on the ground.

On the one hand, you can now see how high your chance is to get up again by yourself, and on the other hand, a timer is displayed when you are either standing or completely dead.

Rust - Wounded Status Information
(Image Source: Facepunch)

In addition, the developers indicated that a good supply of water and food will significantly increase your chance of getting up again.
A medi-kit in your quick-access bar even increases this chance to 100%.

Chat emojis in the game

Another new feature in the game are the chat emojis. Where it was previously only possible to express yourself purely textually or very oldschool with things like “:)” or “^^”, there are now emojis.
You can add and post them via a new button on the right side of your chat bar – or you can write out their name in the chat as soon as you know it.

In addition to these animated emojis, there are now item emojis that display the inventory icon of the item.
You can use this, for example, to search for someone in chat who is trading or selling a particular item.

Server administrators also have the option to add completely custom emojis for their server.

However, the emojis can also be blocked server-side and client-side.

Other adjustments

Burst Module Improvements

The time between shots when using a burst module has been reduced and the recoil has been slightly reduced.
In addition, the aiming cone has been reduced.

All changes result in a more accurate and competitive firing mode.

Short and compact

  • Server Crash Loot: The crafting queue is no longer lost when a server is unplanned shut down.
  • World Model Stack Size: Some world models now more accurately display the amount that is on the ground.
  • 57 Game Art Bug Fixes: Fixed 57 bugs in various models and other game art elements.
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