The Day Before – Cooperation with cab company causes confusion

The Day Before - InDrive Cooperation
(Image Source: Fntastic)

After the controversial survival game The Day Before recently reappeared on Steam and announced a new release date in December, all eyes are now on Fntastic and Mytona.
Now a new collaboration is causing a frown in the gaming community.

Cab company in the game

It is not the first time that The Day Before has taken questionable steps, whether it is about dubious working conditions, a legal dispute with a calendar app, the promotion of another game during an announcement or the advertising of an app.
The developers have now announced a collaboration with the cab company Indrive via Twitter.

This will probably ensure that you will find cars with the company’s logo on them within the game.
To what extent The Day Before will benefit from this cooperation is unclear, but the official Discord server promises great things:

This collaboration is set to bring something unique and thrilling to our users.

The reactions from the community range from confusion to ridicule and malice that the title would not find any sensible cooperation partners due to its bumpy development.

In a post in the game’s official sub-Reddit, one user states that developer Fntastic, publisher Mytone and Indrive were all founded in the same city in Russia, so personal connections could also be a possible explanation.

What exactly is behind the cooperation will probably only become clear in December, when The Day Before will finally be released according to the latest information.

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