Rust – This content is coming in 2024

Rust - Planned Content for 2024
Plans for 2024 include backpacks for Rust.(Image Source: Facepunch)

Rust recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and completed another successful year.
Now the developers have announced what content we can expect in the new year 2024 and what we will have to wait even longer for.

This content is coming in 2024

First of all, backpacks await us in Rust, a feature that the community has been asking for for a long time.
You can equip these and use them to expand your number of inventory slots, a very useful feature, especially in the early stages of the game.
Backpacks will be added to the game in the February update.

Plans for the rest of the year include a completely new monument and an overhaul of existing locations, a tutorial section for completely new players, a clan system and motorcycles as new vehicles.
Further optimizations are also planned for the game experience at night, performance and the anti-cheat system.

Work is also currently underway on a new biome, procedurally generated caves and more.

This content is not coming in 2024

In contrast, we will have to wait a little longer for pets in Rust, which were teased by Facepunch in 2022.
The reason for this is that the AI itself is to be revised before the pets are implemented.

If you follow our public commits page, you’ll know we worked on pets for several months and suddenly stopped. For several reasons, we halted this project, and it will not be released this year.

Our goal is still to have pets in Rust, but we have several obstacles to overcome first.

We’re currently hiring a game AI programmer to join the Rust team to help improve our AI and eventually assist in pets development.

According to the current status, we can probably expect pets in 2025 at the earliest.
However, the first glimpses of the upcoming content in 2024 promise another interesting year in Rust.

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