Rust – All information about the 2023 Christmas event

Rust - Christmas Event 2023
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Christmas is also celebrated in the harsh world of Rust and you can take part in the Christmas event in the game until January 4, 2024.
We’ll tell you what activities await you in and around the game this year!

Christmas presents

As every year, there will be a gift-giving ceremony in Rust at regular intervals. When you hear the bells ringing, look around because two presents per player will spawn in a 40-meter radius around you.
Smash them and you can loot presents.

These come in three sizes – small, medium and large. You can exchange enough gifts of the smaller variety for the next larger one.
The bigger the gift, the better the loot – everything from resources and tools to weapons and equipment is included.

Rust - Christmas Gifts - Christmas Event 2023
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You can also get reindeer antlers and Christmas hats as well as socks in the gifts.
Hang these up in your base and then find some small presents in them after every gifting, although the socks only last for around 10 uses.

You can also create an advent calendar from which you can draw a gift every day until the end of the event.

Rust - Advent Calendar - Christmas Event 2023
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Gingerbread / cake mines

During the event, you will also find gingerbread houses in the game world. If you enter these through the door, it will take you to a kind of mine where nasty gingerbread men want to get at you and guard some nice and good smelling loot in their dungeon.

Rustmas items in the store

Of course, there are also some items matching the event to buy in the store. These include a snow machine, a snowman, a snowman hat and Christmas lights.

Rust Twitchmas – Twitch Drops

As a little goodie, you will also be rewarded for watching Rust streamers in the month of December. You can receive the following items until December 31st:

  • 3 hours of watching: Christmas sleeping bag
  • 6 hours of watching: Christmas skin for the semi-automatic pistol
  • Watch for 9 hours: Christmas Box Skin
  • Watch for 12 hours: Christmas skin for the AK (assault rifle)
Rust - Twitch Drops December 2023
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Legacy skin for playing

If you spend a total of 3 hours playing Rust by December 31, you can also win a very special skin that is reminiscent of the Legacy version of Rust from 2013.
You can find more information on this in our article on the December update for Rust.

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