Hunt: Showdown – Everything you need to know about the Serpent Moon Event

Serpent Moon is a new event in Hunt: Showdown, which not only runs for two months, but also introduces a Battle Pass for Crytek’s survival shooter for the first time.

We have compiled all information about the event for you!

Start & end of the event

The event starts next Tuesday, July 27, 2022 and runs until September 26, 2022, which is 61 days.

  • Start: Tuesday, July 27, 2022 at 16:00 CEST
  • End: Monday, September 26, 2022 at 16:00 CEST

How to get event points

There are two new additions to the ways you can earn event points. This is because, in addition to collecting points yourself, you can also collect snakes, which you can then sacrifice for more points afterwards.

  • Discovery – snake nests
  • Achieve game goal – clues, bosses, extraction
  • PvP – Looting dead players
  • Sacrifice – Sacrificing snakes at the altar

Snake Dens

The snake nests are basically what the pumpkins or gifts were in the previous events.

They are scattered around the game world, but they are interactive. This is because if you don’t sneak up on the nests, the snakes will come out and also hiss and bite, poisoning the player if they aren’t careful.
So they are both an audio trap and a poison trap.

Looting a snake nest will get you event points and snakes, just destroying it will only get you a few points.

Altars & Sacrifice

Another new feature of the Serpent Moon event are the altars, where you can sacrifice and burn the collected snakes.

If you sacrifice the snakes they will be converted into more event points, but you can also lose them.

What gives how many event points?

Now to the important question – which action gives how many event points?

As a small hint beforehand: Event points are shared in the team, snakes are not – only after the sacrifice in the altar!

  • Loot snake nest – 4 event points + 3 snakes
  • Destroy snake nest – 2 event points (only one interaction per nest)
  • Sacrifice snakes at the altar – 2 event points per snake
  • Interact with event clues and cracks – 8 event points
  • Kill boss – 10 event points + 8 snakes
  • Loot hunter – 12 event points + all snakes the hunter had
  • Extraction with at least one bounty – 20 event points

Note: If you die, the enemy can loot you and get all the snakes you haven’t sacrificed yet.

How to get more event points

Of course there are several ways to increase the amount of points you get. Unlike the last event, you can play one of four hunters, two of which you can buy for blood tokens.

The following hunters also give you an increased number of points:

Hunter for Blood Bonds

  • The Night Seer
  • Hail Mary

Hunters from DLCs

  • The Prescient
  • The Witch Hunter

Also, of course, there are the contracts again, which you can also get for Blood Bonds or by progressing through the Battle Pass.
These also increase the event point yield:

  • Chary’s implicit contract – 50% more event points for 2 hours
  • Chary’s fixed contract – 50% more event points for 24 hours
  • Chary’s express contract – 50% more event points for 3 days
  • Chary’s binding contract – 50% more event points for 7 days

Event Battle Pass

With the new event, Hunt: Showdown also gets a Battle Pass for the first time, which allows you to unlock various rewards. Some of the rewards can be unlocked via the free part of the Battle Pass.
However, if you want to get all the content, you’ll have to buy the so-called “Gilded Path”, i.e. the paid Battle Pass.

It includes a lot of legendary skins and a new legendary hunter that changes his skin depending on your progress level.

You can unlock up to 19 levels in the Battle Pass, which equates to 24,700 event points.
If you continue to play and earn points beyond that, it can earn you up to 400 Blood Bonds and additional Hunt Dollars, depending on your ranking in the new event leaderboards.

The level applies to both the free and paid portions of the Battle Pass. If you buy the latter later, you will unlock all content according to your level.

This is how much the Battle Pass costs

The Battle Pass is available in two versions:

  • Battle Pass – 1500 Blood Bonds (~13 Euro).
  • Battle Pass Bundle (Battle Pass + 3000 Event Points + Legendary Tripwire Mine Skin) – 2750 Blood Bonds (~24 Euro)

So depending on which version you buy, you’ll get some event points on top of that.

However, the Blood Bonds packages are chosen in such a way that you can never buy them in the right way.
So calculate beforehand how you can get the tokens cheapest!

Hunt: Showdown - Battle Pass
(Image credit: Crytek)

Trait changes

For the duration of the event, three traits have been adjusted in-game to help you complete the event tasks:

Poison Sense

The distance at which you can see poisoned players has been increased from 50 meters to 150 meters for the event duration.


The ability reduces the chance you will be spotted and attacked by snakes.


With the help of the ability you can burn snakes in the altar in the shadow vision at a distance up to 25 meters.
Of course, this also works through walls and other objects.

New weapons

As the community found out on the test servers a few weeks ago, there are two new weapons in the game.

The weapons are only unlockable via the Battle Pass for the duration of the event, after that you can unlock them regularly via their base weapons (Sparks LRR and Romero 77).

Sparks Pistol

The Sparks pistol really deserves the name “pocket rifle”. Basically, it is a shortened version of the Sparks LRR.

  • Long ammunition
  • Single shot weapon
  • 149 damage up to 20 meters
  • Price: 155 Hunt dollars
  • Ambidextrous carry
Hunt: Showdown - Sparks Pistol
(Image credit: Crytek)

Romero 77 Alamo

A shotgun with a tilt-loading function that immediately reloads a round from a spare tube when it is opened.

  • Shotgun
  • Uses an external magazine
  • Long reload time
  • Only one type of ammunition can be used at a time
  • Same damage as the Romero 77
  • Price: 96 Hunt dollars
Hunt: Showdown - Romero 77 Alamo
(Image credit: Crytek)

New, spooky night time

In keeping with the poison theme and the rather darker lore of the event, there will be a new nighttime variant during the event, which features a greenish-orange touch.

It’s quite possible that this could permanently replace the night daytime after the event.

Hunt: Showdown - Spooky Night
(Image credit: Crytek)

Unlockable story for the event

The event runs – like its predecessor Traitor’s Moon – under the “moon theme” and has a coherent story – called “lore” in the further course – which also continues in Serpent Moon.

The content is still about the characters Kevin Linus and Mr Chary. While Mr. Chary conducts dark experiments with hunters of the AHA, Kevin Linus, as the chosen one, wants to put an end to these goings-on.

During the event you can unlock 15 chapters that continue the lore. And for the first time, you can not only read the texts, but also listen to them in audio format and have them read to you.

Hunt: Showdown - Serpent Moon Event Lore
(Image credit: Crytek)

For a quick recap of what’s happened in the story so far, you can also check out the following video:


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Video laden

During the course of the event, small story snippets and videos will also be published on Crytek’s channels.

Trailer for the Serpent Moon Event

The new trailer for the event summarizes all the content and noteworthy innovations of the Serpent Moon event and gets you in the mood:


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Crytek is well prepared

In contrast to the other events, which often had to struggle with server problems, Crytek is optimistic about the start of Serpent Moon.

On the one hand, the optimizations made with update 1.9 are now in place and will contribute to better performance, and on the other hand, the servers in the North American and European regions can now be scaled up without any problems if necessary and are well prepared for higher player numbers, according to the developers in the livestream.

New DLC released

To go along with the new event, there is of course a new DLC that includes one of the hunters that will earn you bonus event points if you play with him.

Included is the hunter The Prescient as well as a skin for the Vetterli Carbine Deadeye, the Hand Crossbow and the Scottfield Model 3 Spitfire.


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