Hunt: Showdown – Event trailer reveals more about “Tide of Desolation”

Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Desolation Event-Trailer
(Image Source: Crytek)

The official event trailer for “Tide of Desolation” is here and provides some new information and hints about the third part of the “Tide” event series in Hunt: Showdown.

What does the event trailer show?

In the trailer, the huntress from the teaser is first abducted by another group and is to be executed, but is then rescued by chance and manages to take revenge.
At the end, she faces a troop of seemingly undead hunters and their “rescuers” before a tracking shot ends the trailer.

It’s best to take a look at the trailer for yourself:

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More Information

What information does the trailer provide?

The trailer provides some insights and information about the upcoming “Tide of Desolation” event:

  • Duration: the event will start on December 13, 2023 and run until February 14
  • Theme: The theme of devastation after the previous events seems to be confirmed
  • New Hunter: A beefy, white-haired hunter with a beard and a hunter in a “pirate outfit” can be seen, which will almost certainly be part of the Battle Pass
  • New melee weapon – Katana: One of the “saviors” in the trailer wields a katana, a possible new melee weapon
  • New weapon variants: A dagger claw and a dagger with a deadeye sight can be seen in the trailer

However, the trailer does not reveal much about the possible gameplay innovations. There’s no sign of a new AI or any hints of possible event abilities like we’ve seen in recent events.
There does seem to be some connection to an undead hunter theme.

With the start of the event already in the coming week, we’ll likely see another developer livestream shortly that will further elaborate on the event content.

Until then, feel free to speculate in the comments and let us know your wishes for Tide of Desolation!

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