Hunt: Showdown – All new things in Update 1.15

Hunt: Showdown - Update 1.15 Patchnotes
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The developers of Hunt: Showdown have announced the content of an upcoming update for the first time in video form only, and this time they are apparently also sharing the content of the actual game update and the content of the upcoming “Tide of Desolation” event.

In the following article, we’ll tell you what will change in Hunt: Showdown with Update 1.15 in terms of content and independently of the event – and let’s get this out of the way first: A lot is changing!

All information about the new event

If you are interested in what the new event is all about, we recommend our detailed event guide for Tide of Desolation.

New weapons

Of course, a proper update for Hunt: Showdown also includes some new weapons – and Update 1.15 is no exception.
The following new weapons await us:

  • Caldwell Pax Trueshot: A variant of the weapon with a slightly lower rate of fire, but more accuracy and power
  • Katana: A new melee weapon with a light attack similar to the heavy attack of the machete and a heavy attack similar to the sabre
  • Dolch 96 Deadeye: Variant of the weapon with a small scope
  • Dolch 96 Claw: Variant of the weapon with a knife for close combat
  • Drilling Handcannon: Short variant of the three-barrelled weapon
  • Drilling Hatchet: Short variant of the Drilling with an attached hatchet for close combat
  • LeMat Mark II Carbine Marksman: A sniper variant of the weapon with a large telescopic sight

New special ammunition

With the new weapons, some special ammunition types will also be made available for other weapons:

  • Caldwell Pax: High Velocity Ammunition
  • Dolch: Bleeding and armor piercing ammunition (Dumdum & FMJ)
  • Uppercut: Armor piercing ammunition (FMJ)
  • Winfield M1873: – Poison ammunition
  • Winfield M1873C: – Poison ammunition
  • Winfield Centennial: – High velocity ammunition

New and modified Traits

The update also brings back some Traits that were previously in the game as so-called “burn traits”, merges some existing Traits and also introduces completely new Traits to the game.

  • Martialist (NEW): The katana remains in the sword sheath and deals bonus damage on a first attack when drawn. (Cost: 2 points)
  • Relentless (BACK IN GAME): The hunter does not lose any life bars when he is killed (Burn-Trait)
  • Death Cheat (BACK IN GAME): The hunter loses equipment and life bars, but the character remains intact (Burn-Trait)
  • Iron Eye (NEW): Effects of Iron Devastator, Iron Repeater & Iron Sharpshooter in one (cost: 3 points)
  • ??? (NEW): Effects of Steady Aim and Steady Hand in one (cost: 2 points)
  • ??? (NEW): Effects of all Scopesmith skills in one (cost: 2 points)
  • ??? (NEW): Effects of Hundred Hands & Declaw in one (cost: 2 points)
  • ??? (NEW): Effects of Assailant & Tomahawk in one (cost: 1 point)

Gameplay & Balancing

Gameplay changes

  • Those carrying a bounty now receive the “Instinct” effect, which makes the edge of the screen glow orange when hunters are within 75 meters (regardless of the remaining seconds of shadow vision)
  • “Lightfoot” trait no longer affects jumps.
  • The baseball bat can no longer finish off an Immolator with a heavy attack.
  • Poison Bomb: Now lasts for 8 minutes.
  • Decoy Fuses: Now cause a small explosion and can destroy windows and doors on multiple hits
  • Choke bombs: No longer trigger traps
  • Regeneration Shot: Now has a delay of 5 seconds.

Weapon & Ammo Adjustments

  • LeMat Mark II: The damage of the shotgun has been increased and the bullet velocity of the regular ammunition has been increased
  • Uppercut Precision / Deadeye: Scattering increased
  • Derringer Pennyshot: Receives 2 extra shots
  • Flares, Fuses, Starshell & Dragonbreath ammunition: Can now ignite downed hunters
  • The hammer now deals more damage with a heavy attack
  • Shadow vision no longer interrupts a shot
  • Bounty icons are no longer visible in the target view (“ADS”)
  • You can no longer switch weapons from the target view (“ADS”)
  • Weapon inspection: You can now take a closer look at all rifles and shotguns in the game

New weather condition – “Ash Bloom”

As already suspected from the trailer, there will be a new, dynamic weather condition called “Ash Bloom”.
The air is filled with ash and everything has a somewhat gray tinge.

Similar to the “Thundershower”, the ash is stirred up from time to time and then darkens the game for a period of time.
During this time, all the animals on the map become very nervous and startled.

New progression system

A major feature of the new update will be the game’s new progression and unlocking system.
In future, all weapons will be available in their basic variant from level 1 and can then be unlocked by playing with the weapon and earning weapon experience points.

Another nice change is that all consumable items and tools will no longer be unlocked by using items from the same group, but through normal bloodline progress.

In addition, the Hunt Dollar rewards have been doubled and you need slightly fewer experience points per bloodline level.

Changes for gaining experience points

Crytek has also worked on the experience point system and so some changes will also become active here with update 1.15:

  • All hunters now grant the same amount of experience points (450 XP)
  • There are more experience points for eliminating AI
  • You no longer receive weapon experience / weapon progress from teammates
  • Weapon experience is now transferred directly to the next unlock after an unlock, even if you are in the same match.
  • The experience points required to level a weapon depend on its “weapon type”:
    • Compact ammunition: 450 XP
    • Medium ammunition: 600 XP
    • Long ammunition: 900 XP
    • (If a weapon changes to a different ammunition type – e.g. unlocking the uppercut – you need the experience points of this variant)

Weapon oil, blueprints & workbenches

With the update, weapon oil and blueprints get a new or extended function. In future, you will be able to use weapon oil to unlock the next variant of the weapon you are holding.
If you have already unlocked all variants of this weapon, a random variant of another weapon family will be unlocked.

Blueprints, on the other hand, will unlock three random variants that you have not yet unlocked.

In future, both items can only be found at workbenches, which can be found almost once in every named area of the map.
You can also find bags with Hunt Dollars or Blood Tokens or random weapons.

World changes

Previously, the rule was that all items in the world could be used twice. Cash registers, purses, skill totems, letters and so on.

This rule is now changing and the limit has been completely removed.

This applies to the following world items: coffers, letters, wallets, blood token bags, skill totems, blueprints and weapon oil

As a further change, the generators that could be used to make noise and turn on the lights in areas have been completely removed from the game. Instead, the lights in night maps can now spawn in an activated state and can be destroyed and extinguished if necessary.

Changes in recruiting hunters

The recruitment of new hunters has also been revised. The pre-made recruits now have higher synergy effects from weapons, equipment and abilities – overall, the loadout should make more sense and be more usable.

In addition, all normal recruits now come with a healing kit and a melee weapon.

The number of skills a hunter is recruited with depends on their level:

  • Tier 1 / Free: 2 Traits
  • Tier 2: 3 Traits
  • Tier 3: 4 Traits

Legendary Hunters now only cost 100 Hunt Dollars and come with 3 skills, up to two of which are tailored to a specific playstyle.

Account balance regulates hunter recruits

Another new feature is that the current account balance – i.e. how many Hunt Dollars you have – determines which recruits you are shown.

  • Less than $20,000: Free hunters are shown
  • The lower the account balance, the more free recruits you get
  • If you don’t have any hunters, you can shuffle new recruits for free as often as you like
  • If you have less than $2,000 and want to buy expensive items, the game will now warn you that you are running out of money

The most important points in video form

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