Hunt: Showdown – All information about the Tide of Desolation event

Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Desolation Event
(Image Source: Crytek)

With Tide of Desolation, the finale of the Tide event triology in Hunt: Showdown is now upon us, which is also the winter/Christmas event of 2023.

All the information about the event was recently published, which we have summarized below – duration, pacts, pact tokens, event points, new abilities and more!

More content with update 1.15

This article only covers the pure event content that will be added to the game with Tide of Desolation. The extensive Update 1.15 for Hunt: Showdown will be released at the same time as the event.
In our article on Update 1.15 you will find all the information on the new weapons, the new weather condition and all the other new features and changes!

When does Tide of Desolation run?

The Tide of Desolation event starts on December 13th, 2023 and runs until February 14th, 2024.

  • Start: December 13, 2023
  • End: February 14, 2024

Three pacts in Tide of Desolation

  • Drowned Pact: A pact of mysterious origin with unclear goals.
  • Demented Pact: A pact that worships and adores monsters and creatures
  • Grounded Pact: A pact that tries to understand and fathom the events in the bayou
Hunt: Showdown - Drowned Pact in Tide of Desolation
The “Drowned Pact” is a new addition in Tide of Desolation. (Image Source: Crytek)

How do you pledge to a pact?

To join a pact, all you have to do is go to a supply point where you can pledge yourself to one of the three pacts.
This choice is unique and final for the hunter and cannot be reversed.

Some hunters also belong to a certain pact by default; this pre-selection cannot be changed.

Hunt: Showdown - Pledge to a pact - Tide of Desolation
You can join a pact at Supply Points. (Image Source: Crytek)

How do you earn Pledge Marks in Tide of Desolation?

As in the previous events, you will have to collect Covenant Tokens to unlock the abilities of the Covenants at the altars.
Here’s how you can get the tokens:

  • First banishment of a target in a game round – 1 Pledge Mark
  • First looting of a dead hunter – 1 Pledge Mark
  • Collecting 30 event points during a mission – 1 Pledge Mark
  • Being the last survivor left in “Soul Survivor” – 1 Pledge Mark

Note: You can receive a maximum of 3 Pledge Marks per game round and hold a maximum of 4 Pledge Marks in total on a hunter at the same time.

How do you earn Event Points in Tide of Desolation?

You can use Event Points to earn Pact Tokens as well as to advance the progress of your Event Battle Pass.
And this is how you get Event Points:

  • Interact with Event Altar – 6 Event Points
  • Destroy event altar – 3 Event Points
  • Loot hunters – 12 Event Points
  • Interact with event clues/cracks – 10 Event Points
  • Banish boss – 12 Event Points
  • Extract with at least one bounty – 30 Event Points
  • Survive in “Soul Survivor” – 30 Event Points
  • Complete challenge milestone in Battle Pass – 500-1000 Event Points
Hunt: Showdown - Event Points in Tide of Desolation
You can for example earn Event Points by interacting with these altars. (Image Source: Crytek)

Pact Traits in Tide of Desolation

Drowned Pact

  • Mariner: Grants greatly increased health and stamina regeneration in water and heavy rain (1 Pledge Mark)
  • Remedy (Burn Trait): Grants the entire team a restoration effect when interacting with a skill totem (2 Pledge Marks)

Demented Pact

  • Berseker: Doubles all melee damage (1 Pledge Mark)
  • Rampage (Burn Trait): If your fighter is missing at least one health bar and you kill an enemy fighter you get a recovery effect (2 Pledge Marks)

Grounded Pact

  • Shadow Leap: Use shadow vision to target a monster, teleport to its position after the time has elapsed and kill it. 50 meter range (1 Pledge Mark)
  • Final Gasp (Burn Trait): If you are missing at least one health bar and you loot an enemy fighter, you receive a recovery effect (2 Pledge Marks)

Event Battle Pass in Tide of Desolation

Once again there is a Battle Pass, which is divided into two tracks – free and premium.

Free Battle Pass

The free Battle Pass route allows you to unlock all new weapons, some skins and a new legendary event hunter.

Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Desolation Free Battle Pass
With the Free Battle Pass you can unlock the “Bee Keeper” as an Legendary Hunter. (Image Source: Crytek)

Premium Battle Pass

The paid Battle Pass unlocks additional playable rewards in the form of skins, blood tokens and another legendary event hunter.

Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Desolation Premium Battle Pass
The Premium Battle Pass unlocks the “Thirteenth Mate” as an Legendary Hunter. (Image Source: Crytek)

Tide of Desolation – All the important points in video form

Of course, there is also a dedicated developer video for the new Tide of Desolation event, in which you can take a look at all the content:

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