Escape from Tarkov – Get your Christmas present for 2023

Escape from Tarkov - Christmas Present 2023
(Image Source: Battlestate Games)

It’s only been a few days since the last wipe in Escape from Tarkov, but you can already secure some additional items in addition to the current Twitch Drops.

As every year, there is a Christmas present that you have to pick up before it can be unlocked in the game.

How to unlock & collect your present

To collect the gift, you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Visit the official Escape from Tarkov website.
  • Go to your profile.
  • After logging in, scroll down and between the installation instructions and release notes you will find the gift, a picture with fir branches and Christmas tree ornaments (large red frame).
  • Click on the office clip in the picture (small red frame).
  • A message should appear confirming that the gift has been activated.
  • Log into the game and retrieve your gift from the Messenger.
Escape from Tarkov - Activate Christmas Present 2023
(Image Source: Battlestate Games)

You get these items for free

This year you can get some items that will come in handy at the start of the Wipe.
Whether it’s valuable ammunition, some new equipment or ornaments for the Christmas tree craft.

The following items are included in the Christmas present 2023:

  • 210x 9 x 39 mm SP-5
  • 4x 9A-91 magazine
  • 1x VSK-94
  • 1x Diamond Age NeoSteel High Cut helmet (Black)
  • 1x Balaclava
  • 1x Tehinkom RK-PT-25 patrol backpack (Digital Flora)
  • 1x Ornament (Silver)
  • 1x Ornament (Red)
  • 1x Ornament (Violet)
  • 1x Condensed Milk
  • 1x Milk
  • 1x Vodka
Escape from Tarkov - Christmas Present 2023 Items
(Image Source: Battlestate Games)
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