Escape from Tarkov – “EOD” version no longer available, developers ask for feedback

Escape from Tarkov - EOD-Edition & Feedback
(Image Source: Escape from Tarkov / Battlestate Games)

The developers of Escape from Tarkov are getting serious and taking the biggest edition of the game off the market – and asking the community for feedback on the current state of the game.

“EOD” version no longer available

The “Edge of Darkness” version of Escape from Tarkov was the most expensive but also the most comprehensive version of the game. In addition to access to the game, it also included more items at the start, access to all DLCs for the game and offline and co-op mode.
Another important aspect was the larger safety container, which you can only get in the game with a lot of effort and at the end of the game cycle.

Although the version cost a whopping €150 plus tax, many players still bought the upgrade after a few hours of play.
Since January 8th, the “EOD” version is no longer available in the store – and many are currently puzzling over why the developers decided to take this step in the first place.

On the one hand, it may have been a stable source of income and, on the other, Escape from Tarkov: Arena has only just provided an incentive to buy the full version in the first place.
However, as is so often the case, there is no official information on the reasons for this.

Whether and to what extent there will be another comparable edition is currently unknown.
However, if you own “Edge of Darkness”, you can now consider yourself in possession of a relatively special account, if such a fact is worth anything to you.

Feedback criticizes new systems

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the German community manager Hummz asked for feedback from the community on the current state of the game.
More specifically, the question was what the community thought should be worked on when a patch is released in the near future.

The answers almost all contain two points – criticism of the new Vaulting system and the new armor and hit zone system, i.e. content from the last patch

Currently, the new Vaulting system – which allows you to climb over ledges and other obstacles – is used by many to access rooms and areas that are otherwise only accessible with keys.
In addition, the new feature is still affected by many glitches and bugs.

The new armor and hit zone system, which also came into play with the wipe, has also been criticized. The opaque new hit zones, some of which lead to barely comprehensible fatal hits and make many pieces of armor seem useless even with the best plates, are currently causing displeasure among players.

However, only the next update will show how and whether the developers can be persuaded to make changes.

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