Escape from Tarkov – All important info about the Toxin Event

After the usual pre-wipe events, Battlestate Games has launched the Toxin event, which is probably one of the most elaborate and interesting events in the history of Escape from Tarkov.

In addition to our overview of all pre-wipe events, we have compiled all information about the new event in the following article.

Everything to know about the event

The starting situation for the event is as follows: A new type of toxin has appeared in Tarkov, which has also infected all players.
The toxin kills within a few minutes after infection – but there is already an antidote, around which the event also revolves.

Poison & Antidote

The poison has a duration of 480 seconds, which starts immediately when you enter a map. So you now have about 8 minutes to get an antidote, which is conveniently also in the game – and named XT-G12.

The antidote doesn’t cure the poisoning completely, but the timer starts again from the beginning – and you have 480 seconds to organize a new antidote.

You can see exactly how long you have by an icon in your character window.
There you will find the status “Lethal toxin” which indicates exactly when your time runs out.

Escape from Tarkov - Toxin Timer
This timer shows you how much time you have left. (Image credit: Battlestate Games)

How do you get the antidote?

You can get the antidote in different ways, including:

  • Every scav boss or his guard always have an antidote with them
  • You can get the antidote from a supply drop
  • Scavs and raiders can have it with them (small chance)

Current conditions

As if the situation with the toxin wasn’t enough, there are a few other circumstances if you are currently starting a round of Escape from Tarkov:

  • All bosses can be found on all maps (except Factory – here only Killa and Tagilla).
  • All maps open their exits after 20 minutes at the earliest.
  • Each map has only one extraction point.
  • There are several supply drops on each map that contain only antidote.
  • You cannot take antidote from other rounds to a new map.

So if you want to have a successful raid, make sure you have a good plan – and keep an eye on the time!

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