DayZ – Survival title reaches record player numbers with new update

DayZ - All time record player numbers after update 1.23
(Image Source: Bohemia Interactive)

Even years after its release, DayZ still manages to inspire large numbers of players and bring them back to Chernarus.
The recently released update 1.23 brought the survival pioneer title new record player numbers.

All-time record for survival pioneer

The DayZ standalone version was already able to inspire over 45,000 players at the same time at its Early Access launch in 2013. Until the full release in 2018, player numbers were sometimes very mixed and the status of the game was often viewed critically.
However, developer Bohemia Interactive provided the title with constant updates, which meant that player numbers were back above 40,000 in 2020.

But the recently released update 1.23 in the stable version attracted more players than the title has ever seen in its almost ten years: 69,372 players checked in at the same time during the new update according to SteamCharts.
At the time of writing, the 24-hour player peak also stands at more than 56,000 players.

In terms of content, with a revised version of the Vybor Air Base (“NWAF”) and the return of two iconic weapons from the DayZ mod – the M14 and the DMR – and the pushing-mechanic for all vehicles as well as a new spawn group system, there was something interesting for all players to discover, whether newcomer or mod veteran.

DayZ’s sails are once again set for success and continue the era when the DayZ mod for Arma 2 made the survival genre great.

Chris is a survival & sandbox game fanatic and has been "infected" since the first hours of the DayZ mod and Minecraft. He is also the founder of the site and takes care of a lot of different news about the genre. He is also responsible for the administration of the site and takes care of everything that happens in the background.


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