DayZ – Stable update of version 1.23 now available

DayZ - Stable Update 1.23
(Image Source: Bohemia Interactive)

After an experimental test phase lasting about a month, update 1.23 has now been released in the stable version and has been installed on the DayZ servers.
Our summary gives you an overview of what’s inside!

DayZ Update 1.23 – What’s inside?

Some interesting new features and additions await players. The “Vybor Air Base” – also known colloquially as “NWAF” – has been reworked and should now offer a better looting experience.
A new spawn group system also ensures that there is more interaction between players and that you don’t always start in the same place.

In addition, it is now possible to move almost all vehicles with muscle power and many actions in the game now have their own sounds, such as sawing planks or placing mines.

The M14 and DMR are two weapons that veterans already know from the DayZ mod.

Server owners can now customize the spawn equipment and on the technical side there are some improvements for the server browser and the general performance of the game.

You can find a more detailed description of all the new features and changes in our big article on DayZ Update 1.23.

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