Dark and Darker – Second Early Access Wipe on Tuesday

Dark and Darker - Early Access Wipe #2
(Image Source: Ironmace)

The next wipe for the survival dungeon crawler Dark and Darker is coming – this week.
We tell you the background and what and when will be reset.

Wipe after exploit fixes

The developers of Dark and Darker had already announced during the first wipe for their dungeon crawler that there will be further season phases in the future, at the start of which there will be wipes.
However, the second Early Access wipe comes much earlier than expected, because some players have created some advantages through exploits in the last weeks.
As the latest Early Access hotfix revealed, it was even possible to duplicate gold.

The wipe should therefore primarily serve to create a fair basis for all players after these exploits have been fixed.

When will the wipe be?

The next wipe will take place on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.
In contrast to the first wipe, however, it will be a so-called “soft wipe”, in which the characters and the level of the players will be preserved.
Only all items and gold values will be reset.

At the same time as the wipe, a very extensive patch will be released, which will affect all classes and many items.

In recent patches, developer Ironmace had already adjusted the balance of various classes (most recently the Wizard and the Rogue) and most recently also introduced sort of a matchmaking based on character level.

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