CoD: Warzone 2.0 & DMZ – What awaits in Season 3

Call of Duty - Warzone 2 & DMZ Season 3
(Image Source: Activision Blizzard)

With Season 03, a new, very extensive update for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 was released last week. It is the biggest update since the release last year.
In the following article we would like to briefly and compactly introduce you to what is new and what you can expect in Warzone 2 and DMZ.

Season 3 Contents

Call of Duty - Warzone 2 & DMZ Season 3 Roadmap
(Image Source: Activision Blizzard)

Content for Modern Warfare 2

  • 5 new weapons, including the Intervention, now called FJX Imperium
  • 3 completely new 3vs3 maps
  • 2 battle maps
  • 3 new 2vs2 Gunfight maps
  • Co-Op Raid Episode 3

With new maps for all tastes and a whole handful of new weapons, you shouldn’t get bored in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer anytime soon.
The Intervention (now FJX Imperium) marks the return of an iconic weapon from 2009’s MW2 to the game.

Contents for Warzone 2

  • 5 new weapons (the same as in MW2)
  • 2 New game modes (Plunder & Ranked)
  • New Gulag map
  • Tempered plate vests
  • Re-Deplay drones
  • UAV-Towers

The Battle Royale mode Warzone 2 is getting closer to its successful predecessor with the new update. Among other things, the popular Plunder mode returns and Resurgence can now be played on a much larger scale.
In addition, there are the same new weapons that the multiplayer gets and a whole series of weapon balancing adjustments that, among other things, make the sniper rifles more dangerous again.

A new Gulag map will also make second-chance battles in a round more interesting again – and re-entry drones will allow you to travel across maps more easily.

A ranked mode for Warzone 2 and a decontamination station as a field upgrade and drop buying stations are also to follow in the middle of the season.


  • Workbenches
  • Trading system
  • Character slots
  • New faction missions

The DMZ extraction mode also gets some new features and changes with the update. The new workbenches allow you to customize weapons found in the game with unlocked attachments.
At the purchase stations, you can also exchange items found in the game for certain items, such as the skeleton key or the revival pistol.

Also, there are now up to four character slots in DMZ, so you can have a total of four characters with their own equipment (backpack, plates, kill series, self-resurrection…).

So depending on who you’re playing with or what your objective is, you can choose which soldier you want to start a round with.

Last but not least there are new faction missions and the faction REDACTED as a new faction where you can increase your reputation.

New Blackcell Battle Pass

In addition to the regular season Battle Pass, Activision is trying out a new, additional variant this season. This premium Battle Pass costs a whopping 30 Euros and comes with additional, exclusive skins as well as another starting point for unlocking the Battle Pass.

Among other things, the Blackcell Pass gives you access to a skin of the same name, wearing a combination of a golden mask and vest and a black suit, along with a matching weapon, of course.

All other content, including the new weapons, will still be available with the normal Battle Pass version.

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