You can now sign up for a Nightingale stress test

Nightingale - Stresstest Signup
(Image Source: Inflexion Games)

In the run-up to the planned Early Access release next February, the developers of the survival crafting title Nightingale want to carry out some tests.

You can now sign up for one of these stress tests next year.

What to expect in the stress test

The stress test is expected to take place next January and should provide the developers with some initial insights.
According to Inflexion Games, there are no bad results in this test, the main thing is to gather information and experience and learn from it, according to the announcement.

So there is no fixed plan, but the players should simply start the game and gather a few hours of experience and impressions in Nightingale.

There are no bad outcomes to this test. Whether it’s all smooth connections, or the servers catch fire, the team will gain valuable information to prepare for the Early Access launch in February.

To register for the stress test, all you have to do is visit the game’s Steam page and click on the “Request access” button.
You don’t have to “buy in”, pre-order or anything else.

If you are selected for the test, you will receive an e-mail in advance with further information and instructions.

Important: Even if you have already taken part in a previous test, you must register again for this test.

With the knowledge gained from the stress test, Inflexion Games will then be in a better position to launch Early Access, which is scheduled for release on February 22, 2024.
The game will then remain in Early Access for around a year and will be provided with additional content.

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