World War Z: Aftermath – Zombie shooter gets Horde Mode XL

World War Z: Aftermath - Horde Mode XL Update
(Image Source: Saber Interactive)

Before the end of January, the zombie horde shooter World War Z will receive an extensive update that, among other things, will bring “the largest zombie hordes in video games to date” to the game.

World War Z for the next-gen consoles

The Horde Mode XL update will be released exclusively for the World War Z: Aftermath version, and also brings the new game mode right out of the box for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, where the game is not available yet.
The new mode is based on the already existing Horde mode, but there is a chance that special, very large waves will be triggered, which will then rush towards the players.

These are said to contain over 1000 zombies and present a special challenge, even for already tuned in and leveled players.

Free content update

At the same time as the Horde Mode update, a free content update will also be released for the base version World War Z and World War Z: Aftermath. This will bring special, new mutators for the standard Horde Mode, as well as some new weapons that you can probably put to good use for the hordes.

In addition, the update is supposed to completely overhaul and improve the existing weapon progression system.
But visually, resolutions of up to 4k and 60 FPS should then be possible for the consoles as well.

The update is scheduled for release on January 24, 2023 for the PlayStation 4 & 5, the Xbox One & Series X/S and the PC (Steam & Epic Games Store).

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