V Rising – Expansion brings electricity magic and large castles

V Rising - Expansion Secrets of Gloomrot
(Image Source: Stunlock Studios)

The vampire survival game V Rising is currently still in Early Access and celebrates its first birthday. On this occasion, the developers announced the first expansion Secrets of Gloomrot.

What’s in V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot?

The expansion, which is scheduled for release on May 17, will include the eponymous region of Gloomrot as a new part of the game world.
Among other things, a variety of new enemies and bosses await players here, many of which resemble some sort of Frankenstein’s monster variation.

In addition, a new type of magic based on electricity will be introduced, which will also run through the various biomes and areas.

The update also includes a revised combat system, a new V Blood tracking system, new equipment types and weapons.

But that’s not all: A big criticism from the community was that building your own castle, while very interesting, has so far been limited to a single floor.
As you can see in the trailer, Secrets of Gloomrot will probably allow the buildings to extend over several floors – which should make all building fans very happy.

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More Information

The only little drawback: V Rising’s official servers will be shut down from May 12 to May 17 in preparation for the expansion. Player-hosted servers are explicitly not affected.
When the official servers come back online with the expansion, all players will start from scratch with a new save game.

However, developer Stunlock has taken precautions: If you prefer to continue playing with your old savegame, you can do so via a separate, publicly accessible stream branch.

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