The Cycle: Frontier – How to get into the second Closed Beta

The Cycle: Frontier - Closed Beta 2
(Image credit: YAGER)

The free2play title The Cycle: Frontier is entering its second closed beta phase, which should see significant improvements based on feedback from the first round.
We show you what exactly you can expect and how you can play the PvPvE shooter from German developer Yager yourself!

What is The Cycle: Frontier about?

You are part of an expedition that first colonized and explored the planet Fortuna III before conditions changed and the people had to move to a space station above the planet, from which expeditions to the planet are now launched.

In these so-called “drops” you will not only have to fight the native fauna of the planet, but also beware of other players.
If you die, you lose everything you have with you – and that can be easily taken by any other player.

You can defend yourself with an arsenal of melee weapons, handguns and various firearms from shotguns to large caliber sniper rifles.
In addition to the survival aspects, you’ll have various tasks to complete to earn money and work your way up through the various factions – and you can upgrade your compartment to do so.

If some of these aspects seem familiar now, let me tell you: yes, basically you could call The Cycle: Frontier a kind of “colorful Escape from Tarkov Light in space”.

The Cycle: Frontier - Closed Beta 2 - Quarter
The expandable neighborhood is inevitably reminds of Escape from Tarkov. (Image credit: YAGER)

When and where will Closed Beta 2 run?

The second closed beta (“Closed Beta 2”) will start on March 16, 2022 and will be playable on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

There is no end date for Closed Beta 2 at this time.

Here’s how you can play the second closed beta

Currently, the beta can be played on the Steam gaming platform as well as via the Epic Games Store.

By the way: If you have already participated in one of the first playtests or the first closed beta, you should already have access!

Access via registration

One way to participate in the test is to register for access:

After registering, you will be unlocked for the test with a bit of luck.

Access via Twitch drops

The other option is to “unlock” a beta key by watching it on the livestreaming platform Twitch.

When are the Twitch drops available? – The promotion runs from 03/16/2022 to 04/02/2022.

Here’s how:

The Cycle: Frontier - Closed Beta 2 - Quest Hub
Through quests, you play your way up the factions. (Image credit: YAGER)

What’s new in Closed Beta 2

After the first beta test, it took quite some time until developer Yager has now invited all interested parties to the next round of testing. During this time, however, the developers have been anything but idle and have worked on several elements of the game.

The biggest innovations in the second closed beta include:

  • Campaign system for the factions in the game
  • More variations in enemies – new versions of the “Screamer”, “Rattler”, “Crusher” and “Marauder”.
  • The maps “Bright Sands” and “Crescent Falls” have been reworked.
  • The game world is now more visually appealing.
  • The graphics have been improved.
  • Several bug fixes, adjustments to the sound and minor adjustments.

So if you’re in the mood for a nice mix of FPS and survival and you’re not averse to the space setting, you should take your chance to (re-)visit Fortuna III!

SOURCEThe Cycle Website
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