Sons of the Forest – Update 6 brings a new difficulty level

Sons of the Forest - Update 6
(Image Source: Endnight Games)

The sixth update for Sons of the Forest is here and brings among other things a new difficulty level into the game, for all those who have found the game too easy so far.

We have summarized the most important changes for you:

This is what’s in update 6 for Sons of the Forest

The new “hard survival difficulty” really deserves its name. Here is a short overview of what changes in the game:

  • Reduced food in crates
  • No respawn for storage crates
  • Reduced spawn rates for wildlife and fish
  • Reduced health and stamina regeneration when you are cold
  • Increased penalties for eating raw/rotten meat

This should probably make the game a much bigger survival challenge with the new difficulty level – if you need it.

In addition to this, there are some changes that affect all difficulty levels: Food effects now only last 4 hours instead of 8 (in-game time), and medical goods are now less likely to be found in crates.

Also, the effectiveness of recovery is now based on how well you are doing otherwise.
That is, the better you eat, the more regularly you drink, and the more appropriate clothing you wear, the more effective resting will be.

There is also good news for all amateur architects, because you can now build stone buildings. A stone fireplace, stone walls, stone beams and stone columns are waiting to be built.

The large wooden sled can also now be filled with logs, rocks, stones, sticks, and bones, and your sidekick Kelvin can also help you collect and load the improved sled.

The full patch notes for Update 6 can be found on Steam.

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