Scavengers – PvPvE shooter will be shut down before it comes out of Early Access

Scavengers shutdown
(Image source: Midwinter Entertainment)

Scavengers, the mix of Battle Royale and PvE survival shooter, will be shut down this year.
Only about a year and seven months after its initial release, the responsible parties are pulling the plug on the game this year, before it even comes out of Early Access.

The end for the PvPvE hybrid

Yet the title, which describes itself as a “strategic survival battleground,” had only launched into Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store in May 2021.

The free-to-play game was a hybrid of PvE sandbox elements on a winter map and class-based PvP, where teams of three took each other out in Battle Royale style.

One reason for this premature end is probably the sale of the developer studio Midwinter to Dead by Daylight publisher Behaviour Interactive in May 2022, in addition to the strong genre competition.
There is no exact background information about this, but the former owner Improbable Worlds probably wanted to focus more on the metaverse – and Midwinter and Scavengers no longer fit into this vision.

The last update for Scavengers was in March 2022, after which there weren’t many signs of life for the rather small player base, which only got smaller from that point on.

In a recent post on the official Scavengers website, the developers announced the end of Scavengers on December 16, 2022.

Currently you can only download the game from the Epic Games Store, on Steam the title is still playable but no longer available.

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