Rust – Deep Sea update brings new boat and port to the game

Rust - Deep Sea Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)

The July update for Rust is here and brings updates to the water system, a drivable tugboat and a new monument.

Water improvements

According to the developers, they have been working on the new water system for Rust for two years. Among other things, it simulates realistic wave movements of the sea towards the coast, and there is a new effect where the camera simultaneously shows things above and below the water surface, such as when you are swimming on the surface.

Mobile tugboat base

The tugboat is a very special new boat in Rust. Because you can not only drive the big boat, but it can also act as a mobile base on the water.
After you have taken the boat at the steering wheel, you can both close the bridge with doors and build a small base in the back of the boat.

Currently, not all items can be placed here; electrical items, for example, don’t work yet.
Nevertheless, you can place things like a workbench, crates or beds here.

However, you should not forget that the game’s submarines can now be armed with torpedoes – so always be on your guard.

How to get the tugboat?

Unlike other boats, you can’t buy the tug, it can only spawn in the game world.
You can find the boats if there is a harbor or the new ferry harbor monument on your map.

This vehicle is also powered by normal fuel.

Rust - Tugboat Spawn - Deep Sea Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Ferry terminal monument

Matching the new boat, there is also a new monument that can be generated on the coasts of the map – the ferry port.
Currently, this is a first variant, but it already has regular loot, a recycler and a connection to the subway network.

Also, with a little luck, you can find the new tugboat here.

In the future, the new monument will be expanded even further.

Other improvements & changes

  • Shader Improvements: Shader rendering improvements provide fancier textures and reduced memory usage, resulting in shorter load times.
  • “Skinning” with the spray can: When you use the spray can to select a new skin for placeable items, they no longer lose durability.
  • Quick Untie: The Combat Knife can now loosen and cut loose underwater crates very quickly.

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More Information

Abyss Item Pack

In keeping with the name of the update, a new item pack is now available in the Rust Store. Included in it are a deep sea diver suit (a variant of the protective suit) which is available in three different variants.

There’s also a shell-encrusted AK, a fancy new pickaxe, a metal axe, and a waterproof dive light to help you find your way underwater.

Rust - Abyss Item Pack - Deep Sea Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)
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