Rust – Coupling the Rails update connects train routes and simplifies electricity installation

Rust - Coupling the Rails - November Update
(Image Source: Facepunch)

The Coupling the Rails update for Rust is here and for November brings the connection of the above-ground and underground train lines, switches on the track signals, simplifies cable laying and brings a community custom map to the official servers.

Connecting the rail systems

The rail systems on the surface and in the tunnels were previously strictly separated. The “Coupling the Rails” update changes this and now connects the rail systems on maps larger than 4250 units, allowing the use of all carriages in both areas.

Rust - Connected Train Tracks
(Image Source: Facepunch)

Underground train signals

The signal lights in the underground rail network are now finally functional. They now show you when there are obstacles in the areas in front of you.

Rust - Train Signal Light
(Image Source: Facepunch)
  • Green light: The upcoming section is clear
  • Red light: A barricade or another train is waiting in the next section
  • Yellow light: A barricade or train is waiting for you in the next but one section
  • The distance between two signal lights counts as a section. If there is no next light, the information from the last light refers to the end of the rail line or the next 500 meters.

    Rust - Trail Signal Light Meaning
    (Image Source: Facepunch)

    Cable tool improvements

    Gone are the days when you laid a cable with a cable tool, but then couldn’t connect it and had to walk the entire route again.
    The tool remembers the last placement and you can now start there again.

    Right-click to reset the previous route and start again from the beginning.

    If you right-click on existing connections with the tool, you can also reconnect points.

    Items drop on vehicles

    All items now adhere to collisions with vehicles and no longer fall through them. This applies to trains, cars, boats and helicopters.
    However, dropped items also have some mass, so they can slightly affect vehicles.

    Rust - Items drop on vehicles
    (Image Source: Facepunch)

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Water collection: Water collection systems now fill up even faster.
    • Repair jackhammer: The jackhammer can now be repaired for free at the repair station.
    • Pick up plant boxes: Planter boxes can now be picked up with a hammer.
    • Weapon ammunition: The loaded ammunition of a weapon is now displayed at the bottom right of the item image.
    • Automatically use skins: Press the Shift key when right-clicking the repair station to automatically add skins.
    • Saddlebags: Slots have been increased from 6 to 12.

    Observer Island

    Observer Island is a community-created 4k custom map for Rust that is now available on official Rust servers.
    It was created by CollapsedOrange and wheatleymf.
    The map features all new mountains, roads, drawbridges, train tunnels, monuments, rock formations and a completely handcrafted map layout.

    The aim of the map is to add all the elements from the unmodded (“vanilla”) version of Rust with some new, handcrafted features to make exploring the map more interesting and rewarding.

    Rust - Observer Island Overview
    (Image Source: Facepunch)

    Big points here are completely manually created cave systems in which you can build, the return of “Arch Rocks” (rocks that offer a kind of small cave for the base start) and mountain ranges that differ significantly from those in the base game.

    The developers have also paid a lot of attention to the various monuments, which have also all been recreated or adapted.
    Some secret passages and other hidden goodies have also been added for players to find.

    The map is now available on the official servers, but according to Facepunch it should not be seen as the “new Hapis Island”. The unique map layout and special features should offer you a chance for variety if you are tired of playing on procedural maps.

    Just search for “Observer Island” in the server tab of the official servers, where you will find two servers for the EU region and one for the US region.

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