Nightingale – Trailer shows how you can influence the game worlds

Nightingale - Customize the worlds with Realm Cards
(Image credit: Inflexion Games)

The survival title Nightingale also made an appearance at the Summer Game Fest 2022.
In a gameplay trailer, it was revealed how you can influence the game worlds yourself!

Change game worlds with cards

The feature that makes this possible are the so-called Realm Cards. These magical cards are made from rare resources and can then be activated in the portals that send you to various other worlds.

Depending on which cards you use, you can get by in the desert, in the snow or in the rainy jungle, for example. Besides the area itself and some weather conditions, the maps should probably also influence the kind of resources and creatures you can encounter.
The procedural generation then additionally ensures that you won’t get bored during your travels.

Nightingale introduction

In Nightingale you take on the role of the “Realmwalker”. You are actually a kind of traveler who wanders between different dimensions and worlds with the help of portals, but due to a catastrophe the portal network is no longer reliable.

Your task is then to get to know, understand and tame the so-called Feawild realms you visit. You’ll use crafting to produce equipment and weapons, prove yourself in battles against all sorts of creatures and build your own bases, farms and fortresses.

In terms of appearance, Nightingale mixes steampunk elements with fantasy – a fairly new combination in the survival genre.

The Early Access launch of the game is currently not exactly fixed with a date, but it should still take place in 2022. The game will then be released on Steam and in the Epic Games Store.
If you want to participate in a playtest before that, you can pre-register now.

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