Minecraft – First snapshot to 1.19 with new biome and frogs

Minecraft 1.19 - The Wild Update Snapshot
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The first snapshot of the upcoming Minecraft update 1.19 is here – and releases some of the new content for update for testing.
Among them are the new biome, new amphibious inhabitants of the overworld and of course new blocks!

New biome

The snapshot bears the cryptic designation 22w11a and brings, among other things, the “Deep Dark Biom”. This is the deepest biome in the world of Minecraft.
It is very dark here, the ground is covered by the “Sculk” blocks and the “Sculk Shrieker” blocks can also be found here, which will attract the attention of the new monster, the Warden.

The Warden itself is not included in this snapshot, however, and so no monsters are currently spawning in the Deep Dark Biom.

Frogs & Tadpoles

On the surface, however, there are some new additions in the form of frogs and tadpoles. These can be found near bodies of water.
As a tadpole grows, it becomes one of three frog species, depending on which biome it comes from.

The frogs themselves are very active. They waddle, hop and swim around, croak (really!) and are very voracious besides.
When the animals eat slime, they leave behind a “Froglight” block. Combine three of these blocks and you get the new “Lightsource” block.

In keeping with the amphibious overworld inhabitants, there are also some other reasons to explore the biomes with the mangrove blocks, mud and mud bricks.

Also new is an option for 3D Directional Audio, as well as a whole host of technical changes, tweaks and bug fixes.

How to play the “The Wild” update snapshot

If you wanted to check out the new version right now, you can, but you should keep two things in mind:

Your existing world might be rendered unusable by it, and since it’s an experimental snapshot, you’re likely to encounter a few bugs as well.

If that doesn’t scare you, if you’ve made a backup, or if you’re just death-defying, here’s what to do:

  • Download the Java version of Minecraft.
  • Open the Minecraft launcher and go to the “Installations” tab.
  • There, select the hook for development versions.
  • Select the snapshot 22w11a as the desired version.
  • Wait for the version to load and start the game.
  • In the bottom left corner of the start screen you should now see a note about the snapshot – then you have done everything right and can test!
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