Light No Fire – Next-Level Open-World from the Developers of No Man’s Sky

Light No Fire - New open-world game from the makers of No Man's Sky
(Image Source: Hello Games)

As part of the Game Awards 2023, Hello Games boss Sean Murray revealed a new game that the team has been working on for some time.
Under the title Light No Fire, the team is currently working on an open world game that is set to set new standards for the genre.

What we already know about Light No Fire

The game’s first trailer is of course reminiscent of No Man’s Sky with its style, but it also shows some fundamental differences. In contrast to the sci-fi sandbox title, everything in Light No Fire revolves around a single, highly detailed planet that is modeled on Earth.
The world is very expansive, diverse and procedurally generated.

In terms of setting, we also see all kinds of interesting creatures and monsters, but this time in a fantasy setting rather than a sci-fi context.
In the trailer, a player equipped with armor swings onto the back of a dragon and explores the large game world.

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More Information

The game’s official Steam page already contains some more information about the game, which a small team has been working on for five years.

According to this, the game will incorporate elements from the adventure, sandbox and survival genres. Base building and the discovery of the planet’s individual biomes will also be a large part of the game.
During the presentation, Sean Murray even talked about vehicles, so there will probably also be more advanced technologies in the game.

With the emphasis on joint exploration and the multiplayer concept, Hello Games probably also wants to address one of the major criticisms of No Man’s Sky, which for a long time could only be played as a single player with little player interaction.

In general, the developers promise a lot with their appearance and trailer, which now needs to be fulfilled. And this will certainly fill some people with skepticism when they think back to the early days of No Man’s Sky.
The start was more than bumpy, but Hello Games stayed on the ball and today the title is considered a prime example of what can be done with a launch that didn’t go well.

There is currently no release date or time frame for Light No Fire.

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