Hunt: Showdown – Tide of Corruption Event Trailer Breakdown

Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Trailer Breakdown
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The developers of Hunt: Showdown have announced their next event, which will be called Tide of Corruption. It will be the second event of the “Tide” triology and will start in October.
Below we would like to summarize all the information and hints that the event trailer has given us.

Return of the Inferno?

In the trailer, we often get to see scenes in which fire seems to play a big role. So, especially with the new event skills discussed later, we could be in for a return of the wildcard condition “Inferno”.

Event skins for hunters

Of course, no Hunt: Showdown event is complete without some new skins for the hunters – and Tide of Corruption is no exception.
In the trailer, we get to see a total of four new legendary hunters:

(The following names are placeholders)

  • Scarecrow – a skin that looks like a scarecrow
  • Butchers Brother – A brawny rogue who wears a kind of pig mask, wears chains and wields a hack axe.
  • Firefighter – A hunter in some kind of old fire or gas suit.

Most likely all skins will be unlockable via the Battle Pass, with two skins likely to be available again in the paid version.

New Weapons

One of the biggest themes with new Hunt events are, of course, the new weapons and weapon variants that will come into the game with them.
And this trailer shows us a whole bunch of new toys that could await us in the game with Tide of Corruption – in addition to the two already firmly announced weapons:

  • Bornheim Silencer – silenced version of the Bornheim pistol.
  • Cleaver – cleaver which the new skin in the trailer carries, it is unclear if it is a weapon or a skin for an existing weapon
  • Springfield Bayonet – variant of the Springfield 1866 with a mounted bayonet
  • Berthier Marksman – sniper variant of the rifle with a 3 shot clip
  • Uppercut Precision – A Caldwell Conversion Uppercut with a large stock, possibly as an alternative to the “UpperMat”.
  • Uppercut Precision Deadeye – Variant with a sight for medium ranges
  • Derringer Variant (?) – Possibly a new variant of the Derringer pistol, perhaps with shotgun ammunition

Also confirmed and announced are a Baseball Bat as a new melee weapon and the Vetterli 71 Karabiner Cyclone, a semi-automatic version of the gun with a smaller magazine and shorter barrel.

Pacts and event abilities

In Tide of Corruption, there will once again be three pacts that bring their specific abilities. These have also already been touched upon in the new event trailer and are similar to those from the early events:

  • Demented Pact” – A pact that will probably indulge in the new corruption.
    • Pact skill “Acolyte” which seems to revolve around clue interaction.
  • Death Pact” – A pact that deals with the death that corruption leaves behind.
    • Witness” pact skill, which could let you locate corpses or give clues to the demise.
  • Infernal Pact” – A pact that wants to burn away everything “unclean” from the bayou and takes advantage of the fire.
    • Pact ability “Blazeborn” where you seem to heal yourself in the fire.

Hunt: Showdown – Tide of Corruption Trailer

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