Hunt: Showdown – Everything you have to know about the Tide of Corruption event

Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
(Image Source: Crytek)

The new Hunt: Showdown event Tide of Corruption is just around the corner. At the same time, update 1.14 for Crytek’s survival shooter will be released.
We have compiled all information about the event and the update.

When does the Tide of Corruption event start and end?

The event starts on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 and runs until November 29, 2023, so you have 57 days to earn the event rewards.

  • Start: October 04, 2023
  • End: November 29, 2023

Twitch Drops in October

October will also see a new Halloween Twitch Drops campaign, where you can get exclusive skins and event points for Tide of Corruption, among other things.

How do I earn event points in Tide of Corruption?

As always, you will need to earn Event Points to progress through the event – and you can earn them as follows:

  • Destroy altar – 3 event points
  • Loot altar – 6 event points
  • Looting a hunter – 12 event points
  • Interact with event clues/rifts – 10 event points
  • Banish boss – 12 event points
  • Extract with at least one bounty – 30 event points
  • Survive in Soul Survivor – 30 Event Points
  • Complete challenge milestone – 500-1000 event points

How are Pledge Marks collected in Tide of Corruption?

The mechanics of Pledge Marks remain the same in this event. The limit for earning Pledge Marks through Event Points has been increased slightly.

The Pledge Marks mechanics are similar to the last event: You can have up to 4 Marks per hunter with you.
However, you can get a maximum of 3 Marks per game through the following actions:

  • Get the first 30 event points of the round – 1 Pledge Mark.
  • Loote the first hunter killed – 1 Pledge Mark
  • Banish a boss target – 1 Pledge Mark

You can use these tokens to commit to a pact or acquire skills.

How do the pacts work in Tide of Corruption?

There will again be three pacts in Tide of Corruption – Death Pact, Demented Pact and Infernal Pact.
Each of the pacts has its own motivation (lore-wise) and comes with matching abilities.

To commit to a pact you must use the corresponding shrine at supply points. Your hunter is then committed to the pact until his death and can buy the special abilities with pact tokens at the supply point.

Some hunters are already committed to a pact from the beginning, but you can’t change their pact.

Event Supply Points - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption
(Image Source: Crytek)

Pacts & Pact Skills in Tide of Corruption

Each pact has its own special features and abilities if you choose to use them. Among them are the so-called “Burn Traits“.
As the name suggests, they burn when triggered – and you then have to buy them again for tokens at the supply point.

New in Tide of Corruption is that you can collect up to three charges of Burn Traits on a Hunter.

Each pact has a normal ability, a burn trait that burns when used, and a conditional ability that has an additional effect only with the corresponding pact.

Death Pact

Death Pact - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
(Image Source: Crytek)

The Death Pact seeks the answers to the origins of corruption and the dark inferno, and as the name suggests, deals with death.

Pact Abilities

  • Witness (Passive) – Cost: 1 Pledge Mark
    • In Shadow Sight, dead hunters and monsters can be spotted. If you are closer to them, this also restores some life energy.
    • Can also be used with bugs.
  • Relentless (Passive, Burn Trait) – Cost: 2 Pledge Marks
    • When your fighter dies, it does not lose any life bars. Burns when activated.
  • Vulture (Conditional, Death Pact only)
    • If you are a member of the Death Pact and use the Vulture skill to loot a Hunter, you get one life bar back for it, but you pay one Pact token per action.

Demented Pact

Demented Pact - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
(Image Source: Crytek)

The Demented Pact idolizes the bosses and monsters of the Bayous, I guess you could well call them maniacs.

Pact Abilities

  • Acolyte (Active) – Cost: 1 Pledge Mark
    • If you yourself or a team member interacts with a clue, you get a random trait and a few extra Hunt dollars.
  • Remedy (Active, Burn Trait) – Cost: 2 Pledge Marks
    • When you interact with an ability token in shadow vision, the entire team gets a recovery effect. Burn when used.
  • Ghoul (Conditional, Demented Pact only)
    • When you damage a boss or wild target you restore a small amount of life energy.

Infernal Pact

Infernal Pact - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
(Image Source: Crytek)

The Infernal Pact believes that fire is best fought with fire and is obsessed with flames.

  • Blazeborne (Passive) – Cost: 1 Pledge Mark
    • Life regeneration in fire is greatly increased and you do not burn. However, your life bars still slowly but steadily coke away.
  • Rampage (Passive, Burn Trait) – Cost: 2 Pledge Marks
    • If you lose a life bar and then kill a hunter, you gain a recovery effect (like boss banishment). Burns when activated.
  • Bloodless (Conditional, Infernal Pact only)
    • Bleeds are automatically stopped after one second as the fire cauterizes your wounds.

New weather condition: Dark Inferno

The “dark inferno” is the new weather condition in Tide of Corruption. The firestorm only occurs on night versions of the map and has been reworked compared to the “old” inferno of the Devils Moon event.

The fire now better illuminates the immediate environment around it and isn’t as insanely loud and distracting. Still, things like footsteps and other quieter interactions are masked by the crackling flames.
And of course, if you’re not part of the Infernal Pact and have the appropriate ability, the fire will deal appropriate damage.

After about two weeks of event runtime, the availability of Crytek’s dark inferno has been limited to weekends only.

Dark Inferno - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
(Image Source: Crytek)

Event Battle Pass in Tide of Corruption

As usual in the last events of Hunt: Showdown, there will be two versions of the Battle Pass in Tide of Corruption – a free one and a paid one.
In the paid version, among other things, you will exclusively unlock some weapons and additional skins and hunters.
As always, the weapons will be added to the regular progression of the game after the event.

Free Event Progression Rewards

Hunt: Showdown - Free Event-Rewards for Tide of Corruption
Free event rewards without Battle Pass. (Image Source: Crytek)

Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Battle Pass Rewards
Event rewards from the paid Battle Pass. (Image Source: Crytek)

Event-Hunter & DLC

In line with the event, there will also be new hunters that you can purchase for Blood Bonds, and a matching additional DLC will be released soon.

What new weapons are coming with Tide of Corruption?

As already mentioned above, there will of course be some new weapons and weapon variants that will expand the arsenal of Hunt: Showdown with Tide of Corruption.
These weapons will initially only be unlockable via the Battle Pass and will be regularly integrated after the event.

Baseball Bat

The Baseball Bat is a new melee weapon that occupies a small slot. It deals blunt damage and consumes relatively little stamina.

Baseball Bat - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
Baseball Bat (Image Source: Crytek)

Derringer Pennyshot

A new variant of the Derringer pistol that also occupies a tool slot and doesn’t share an occupancy with the regular Derringer (so you can carry both at the same time).
The weapon loads two charges of Pennyshot and is very effective against AI enemies, but also against hunters at very close range.
It benefits from the Frontiersman ability, which allows it to carry one more shot.

Derringer Pennyshot - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
Derringer Pennyshot (Image Source: Crytek)

Bornheim No.3 Silencer

The second silenced pistol comes into play – the Bornheim No.3 Silencer.
It can use the same special ammunitions as the basic weapon.
Quiet and effective against AI and also hunters at short range.

Bornheim No.3 Silencer - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
Bornheim No.3 Silencer (Image Source: Crytek)

Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision

A new variant of the infamous Uppercut that occupies a middle slot.
The stock makes the weapon more accurate and has less weapon sway, but its size also increases reload time.

Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision (Image Source: Crytek)

Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision Deadeye

The Deadeye variant makes the weapon offshoot even more dangerous and probably now fully lives up to the name “Pocket Rifle”.

Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision Deadeye - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision Deadeye (Image Source: Crytek)

Springfield 1866 Bayonet

A Bayonet offshoot of the Springfield 1866, the Bayonet makes up for an obvious drawback of the weapon – its single-shot design. So, after one shot, you can deal with the enemy with the Bayonet.

Springfield 1866 Bayonet - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
Springfield 1866 Bayonet (Image Source: Crytek)

Berthier MLE 1892 Marksman

Simple and basic: a sniper version of the popular 3-shot rifle.

Berthier MLE 1892 Marksman - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption
Berthier MLE 1892 Marksman (Image Source: Crytek)

Vetterli 71 Carbine Cyclone

The Vetterli 71 Carbine Cyclone is the first semi-automatic rifle in the game that can fire up to four bullets in relatively quick succession.
After that, however, it has to reload for quite a long time to do so, especially if it has been shot completely empty.

Vetterli 71 Karabiner Cyclone - Hunt: Showdown - Tide of Corruption Event
Vetterli 71 Karabiner Cyclone (Image Source: Crytek)

Fire Beetle

The “Fire Beetle” is the number three explosive beetle in the game. The beetle is relatively slow and sets its surroundings on fire with a small explosion when activated.

The fire is only small, but it’s enough to set fighters, AI, and even things like barrels and oil spills on fire.

You can find it regularly in the game in the known beetle cocoons.

Tide of Corruption – Event Trailer

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More Information

New content & changes with update 1.14

Together with Tide of Corruption, the extensive update 1.14 for Hunt: Showdown will be released. In the following we have summarized the most important points.

Weapon inspection

Weapon inspection is coming to the game, allowing you to take a better look at your guns and tools and their skins.
Currently, the feature applies to handguns, melee weapons, world items, bows and crossbows, with more items to come.

The animation is server-side and can be watched by others. You can cancel it at any time.

New special ammo boxes

New ammo boxes are coming into the game, which always contain a certain special ammo (sharpener, dum dum, poison, …). At these boxes you can replenish your ammunition if you have the same one with you, or even exchange current ammunition for that of the box in the game.

Permanent Burn Trait

The ability “Shadow” (Shadow), which we already know from the last event, comes back – permanently as the first, permanent “Burn Trait” in the game.
It is not tied to an event.

You can find the ability in the game or get it from a Meathead.

It allows you to become virtually invisible to AI enemies (except bosses). They can’t see you anymore, but they can still hear you.

If you get knocked out the ability burns up, but you can accumulate up to three stacks of it.

Flashbomb rework

The dazzle bomb has been one of the most controversial topics in the community over the past few months. In update 1.14 it will be adjusted:

  • There is a new, longer animation and sounds for prepping.
  • The “blend” screen is now gray, not bright white.
  • You can counter the ability with “Bulwark”:
    • Reduces the amount of time you are blinded
    • The caster no longer gets hit feedback
  • You can no longer refill dazzle bombs in the mission.

Other adjustments

  • Hunter slots have been increased from 50 to 75.
  • Ammo & Refill
    • The Derringer can now be refilled at normal ammo boxes.
    • The Derringer Pennyshot can be refilled at special ammo boxes
    • The flare gun shares the pool with “Starshell” ammo and can be refilled at special ammo boxes.
  • Beetles
    • The speed of the beetles (exception: Fire Beetle) has been increased.
  • Trait: Conduit
    • The ability is now automatically activated for all carriers when a team member interacts with a clue, but the effect has been slightly weakened.
  • New special ammunition for some weapons:
    • Scottfield – Dum Dum Ammo
    • Scottfield – High Velocity Ammo
    • Springfield 1866 – High velocity ammo
    • Winfield Centennial – Dum Dum Ammunition
    • Nagant & Officer – Dum Dum Ammunition
  • Regeneration Stims
    • Life is now restored at the same “tick rate” as regular life.
    • The price of both versions has been increased by ยง20.
  • Melee Stamina
    • The stamina consumption of all melee weapons has been adjusted to make them a more valid option
    • All weapons with melee attachments can now perform an additional attack before the stamina is depleted.
  • Razer Chroma integration
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